With 'Use Highest Charge' enabled, only the highest charge returned within a charge group will be applied to the Consignment. 


  • You will not need to make manual calculations to determine which charging method will return the highest charge. 
  • Allows flexibility in your charging methods, as you do not have to select only one charging method. 

Use Case Example

For example, if you want to charge delivery on either the spaces or pallets, depending on what cost is greater you can enable 'Use Highest Charge'. This means, depending on what charge type brings back the highest charge that method will be utilised.

How to enable 'Use highest charge'

  • Navigate to the Rate Cards page by typing Rate Cards into the Search for anything bar.
  • Select the relevant Rate Card.
  • Select the Transport Rates tab.

  • Select the relevant Transport Rate or if creating a new rate select +Add Rate
  • Scroll down to the relevant Charge Group or create a new Charge Group by selecting Add Charge Group at the bottom of the page. 
  • Select the three vertical dot icon within the Charge Group you wish to apply 'Use highest charge'.
  • Enable Use highest charge by selecting the slide toggle. It will turn green once it is enabled. 

  • When charges are calculated for the Consignment, only the highest charge will be utilised.