Please note that if your CartonCloud account was created prior to 1 July 2019 the below functionality may not be available at this stage. If you would like to discuss further, please contact


The Uprates function allows you to apply a fee increase or decrease to multiple rates simultaneously. The fee change can be applied instantly or for a future date.  

Using the Uprates function will not change your existing rates but will rather create a new identical rate with the applicable fee changes and new effective and expiry dates.

For example, if you are applying a general 2% delivery fee increase to be effective in six months' time, you can create the change in advance and still have the existing rates in use. When you set a future applicable date your existing rates expiry date will automatically update (even if there is no expiry date, CartonCloud will create one) to coincide with the fee increase effective date. The below example demonstrates that by applying an Uprate a new rate is created with a future effective date. 

How to use the Uprate function

  • Navigate to the relevant Rate Card by using the Search for anything bar and type in Rate Cards.
  • Select the relevant Rate Card and select the Transport Rates tab from within the Rate Card.
  • Use the advanced filter function (by clicking the filter icon in the top right) to filter the Transport Rates you wish to apply the fee increase and/or decrease to.  
  • Select all by clicking the tick-box on the header line.

  • Once all relevant Transport Rates are selected, click Uprate in the top left corner.

  • A new pop-out window will appear. From here you will be able to configure the Uprate. 

  • Fill in the fields with the relevant information.
    • New Effective Date: this is the date you would like the new rate to take effect from. The existing rates expiry date will automatically update to coincide with this new effective date. This is a required field.
    • New Expiry Date: the date the new rate will expire. This field is optional and can be left blank. 
    • New Review Date: the date you wish to review the rate. This field is optional and can be left blank. 
    • Uprate Precision: determines the number of decimal places used when calculating the new rate values. This is a required field. 
    • Minimum Charge Adjustment: the percentage in which you would like to either increase or decrease the minimum charge on the original rate. To apply a percentage decrease place the minus sign before the value (for example '-5'.) This field is optional and can be left blank. 
    • Fee Adjustment: select the fee you wish to apply the percentage increase or decrease to and the percentage value. For a percentage decrease, place the minus sign before the value (for example '-5'). To add an additional fee increase or decrease select the plus icon to the right. There is no limit to the number of fee increases or decreases you can apply in the one Uprate. 
Please note that when defining the percentage increase/decrease, it is recommended you select either the All option or specifically select the Fee Categories you want to increase/decrease. Ensure you do not select the All option and specific Fee Categories otherwise, it will increase/decrease the specific Fee Category twice. 

  • Select Uprate
  • A message will appear asking you to confirm if you would like to proceed with your changes. 
  • You will receive a success message and notification (from the bell in the top right) to confirm the request has been processed. 

  • Select the bell icon and View Results to review the Uprate. 

  • You will now have duplicates of your original rates, however, these rates will have a new effective date and the relevant fee changes applied. The original rates will have an updated expiry date to reflect when the Uprates will take effect.