To set up your Customers in CartonCloud. 

What is a Customer

A Customer in Cartoncloud is the company you provide goods or services to. Moreover, they are the companies who own the stock in your warehouse or pay you for transport services.

The Customer is not the individual person working at the company. Instead, individuals are Users, who then have Customer level access. 

If you are not a 3PL and only store your own stock, you will need to set up a single Customer. This Customer can be called your Company's name. 

How to set up a Customer

The first Customer you create should be a test Customer, allowing you to try different settings options without impacting your actual Customers. 
  • Navigate to the Customers page, Contacts>Customers
  • Select the green +Add Customer button in the top left corner of the screen. 


  • A pop-out window will appear, fill in the Company, Email and Telephone fields. Tick the warehouses which apply to the Customer (where they will be storing their stock). 
  • Select Add Customer
If this is the first Customer you are creating, remember to create a Test Customer first before creating your actual Customer. 

  • You will then be provided with the View Customer page, as per below. From this page, you will access the Customer's Rate Card, all current orders for the Customer and their reports. In addition, you will be able to access and configure the Customer Settings.

  • Upload the Company logo by selecting the blue Upload Logo button. 
When uploading logos for your real Customers, it is suggested you request a high-quality copy of their logo as this logo will appear on all of their documents.

Edit (Customer Settings)

  • Select the blue Edit button at the bottom of the screen to access the Customer Settings.
  • From here, you can configure the settings for the Customer. Please see the Edit Customer or Customer Settings page for more information.

Duplicating Customers

Duplicating a Customer is helpful if you wish to create a new Customer with similar settings to an existing Customer. 

  • Select the blue Duplicate button at the bottom of the screen. 

  • Enter the name of the new Customer. 
  • Click Duplicate

  • A success banner will appear at the top of the browser, and you will be on the View Customer page of the newly created customer. From here, you can further edit any settings as required. 

See Adding Customers and Duplicating Customers for more information. 

Upon duplicating a customer, it is highly recommended that you change the contact details first to prevent notifications from going out to the incorrect customer. 

Merge Customers

Merging a Customer will combine the two customers into one. 

For instructions on how to use this functionality, please see the Merging Customers Together page. 

Deactivate Customers

In CartonCloud, you can deactivate Customers. There is no option to delete a Customer, only deactivate. Once you have deactivated a Customer, you have the option to reactivate them. 

For instructions on how to deactivate a Customer, see the Deactivating/Reactivating Customers page. 

Export All Products

This is a shortcut button that will export all products associated with that customer. 

Please see Exporting and Importing Products for more information on exporting products. 

Creating multiple Customers

Once you have created your test customer and wish to create your actual customers, there are different ways in which you can do so.

  • Import/Export feature - this allows you to create multiple customers in bulk. Note, when using this option, the customer will be created with the default settings. Please see the Adding Customers in Bulk page for more information. 
  • Duplicate Customer - this allows you to create a customer easily with the same settings as the original customer. This is useful if you create your customers with similar settings and save time by having fewer customer settings to configure. Please see the  Deactivating/Reactivating  Customers page for more information.

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