In this article, we will begin to set up your Customers within CartonCloud.

When we talk about a Customer in this article, we are talking about the Company you provide goods or services to, not the people working there. These individuals are referred to as Users, who then have Customer level access.

Additionally, Customers are the people who own the stock in your warehouse or who pay for you for transport services, they are not the list of all addresses that you deliver to.

If you are not a 3PL and you only store your own stock, then you will only need to set up a single Customer, named as your Company.

For the initial set up, we recommend setting up your first Customer to be a test Customer. This will provide you with a fictional Customer who you can then try new settings on without affecting your actual Customers.

To begin, navigate to the Customers page by clicking on Contacts, then clicking on Customers in the drop-down menu. Alternatively, just type "Customers" in Search for anything! 

Once in the Customers page, and using the Adding Customers and Duplicating Customers page for guidance if needed, click on +Add Customer and complete the form which appears on the screen. As mentioned, we recommend naming the first customer "Test Customer" at this stage, along with your own email address and phone number.

Once submitted, you will be presented with the newly created customer's View Customer page like the one below.

Note: When it comes time to add all your customers, it is possible to create them in bulk using the bulk import/export feature. However, this will only create Customers with default settings. What we have found to be a better option, is to create a Customer and completely customise the settings for that Customer to your liking, then duplicate that Customer (almost like a template) to create your remaining Customers, leaving you with fewer options to customise per Customer.

Next, let's upload a logo for that customer, which can then be used on their documents like consignment notes. Click on Upload Logo, followed by choose file. For the sake of this exercise, any image within the requirements specified will be fine, however when it comes time to upload logos for your Customers, we recommend asking them for a high-quality copy of their logo, so it appears clear and professional on documents.

At this stage of the setup, this is all we will set up for the test customer. However, before we move on we want to point out a few things, in the View Customer page click on Edit and you will see a large number of options on the Edit Customer page, separated by tabs. These options can seem overwhelming at first, but it's important to know that you don't have to understand all of them yet. What you should know is that these settings are specific to only the customer you are editing. This provides you with a way to configure settings specific to a particular customer, rather than the customer inheriting from the default settings which are in the Organisation Settings. This is also the page where you can change customers rates to a particular rate card (which we will set up later on in this guide).

Next step: Rate Cards Overview