If you're a new CartonCloud tenant and looking to get your system up and running you're in the right spot.

This setup guide has been created with the input of our CartonCloud Onboarding and Support team. It will guide you through the initial steps of setting up your CartonCloud tenancy and utilising it in a way that best fits your operation.

The articles in this section are intentionally kept as brief as possible to keep you moving through the setup. However, more comprehensive information on every CartonCloud page is available in its corresponding per page support article.

As a pre-requisite to this setup, if you haven't already, you should read How to use the Knowledge Base.

This guide suggests a recommended order for the setup to build increasing familiarity with CartonCloud as you proceed. However, feel free to jump back to previous pages in the guide if needed to repeat previous actions such as adding extra Users, or new Rate Cards.

Lastly, please note that unless a page falls under the "Setting up the WMS" or "Setting up the TMS" sections, then its content is relevant to both Warehousing and Transport within CartonCloud.

First Step: Welcome to CartonCloud!