• This release include performance improvements and bug fixes

In this release the following has been updated:

  • For V2 Transport Customers, the Transport Products table has had an upgrade adding additional fields, sort, filter and select capabilities. You can also now make Transport Products inactive so that those products no longer required won't show up when adding new consignment items. Click here for more information. 
  • This release also includes bug fixes and performance improvements. (Mobile - Android)
  • In this release we have enabled the Scan Move 2.0 feature by default. 
    It can be disabled in Settings > Experimental Features.
  • This release includes performance improvements and bug fixes
  • When editing consignments, a setting appears to re-determine the delivery run, this setting appeared in the middle of the edit page which a lot of users missed. This has been moved to the bottom of the page and highlighted when enabled to make it more obvious. We have also protected consignments assigned to run sheets to persist the run sheet, driver and vehicle even if the delivery run is re-determined. Click here for more information. 
  • Some improvements have been made to the stock selection screens to provide users with the option to lock the criteria (expiry/batch etc) of the row selected if desired. This is used in stock optimisation. Click here for more information (within the Products tab). 
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes were also included in this release period. 
  • This release supports access for Administrator users with user management rights to create new API Client users to provide secure access through our CartonCloud API. For more information click here
  • The release also includes performance improvements and bug fixes. v1039-1050

4.6.23 (Mobile - Android)
  • Improved searching in the Purchase Order list by showing results for both reference and ID matches and listing reference matches first.
API Update

We've released reporting functionality. You can now request Customer Stock on hand via API.

4.6.21 (Mobile - Android)
  • Bug fixes
  • “Enforce Strict Process” workflow for purchase orders
  • You can now configure transport rates with a consignment totals charge group to choose the highest charge calculated. This can be useful if you want to compare pallet vs space charges to pick the greater of the two without having to define conversions or other details. This is a new toggle that can be found under the group menu icon in the top right of the charge group. Click here for more information. 
  • We have also released an update to the Run Sheet Templates where you can add under a consignment, the item details and/or related sale order products. Click here for more information. 
  • This release period also includes technical improvements and some minor bug fixes. v1027 - 1038
4.6.20 (Mobile - Android)
  • Bug fixes.
  • Bug fixes
4.6.19 (Mobile - Android)
  • Bug fixes.
  • Bug fixes (Mobile - Android)
  • Bug fixes.