The latest version of the CartonCloud mobile application: 


Over the holiday period, CartonCloud’s team “smashed out” and delivered a big handful of useful new features across the WMS and the TMS - lots of which were recommended by our tenants. As a result, this release brings with it a series of small but helpful improvements to the CartonCloud app.

Two of these changes affect existing behaviour, and will be communicated to you in advance of their release;

All other changes are either tidy-ups, or new behaviours, and will not affect any of your existing workflows.

WMS enhancements

  • Added a Packlist Exported column on the Sale Order release screen which can be toggled On/Off, and added a filter for the same column
  • Customers now have access to the Add without assigning stock button when adding product to Sale Orders
  • The Create RTS Purchase Order button will now update when clicked, reading RTS Purchase Order created, and it will also add the RTS Purchase Order reference as a new line to the Sale Order Details.
  • CartonCloud will now intuitively provide you with a dynamic Success message confirming the exact stock adjustment when you change the quantity of a product on a Purchase Order
  • The Sales Order Report will now show the Country against each Address, so that if you happen to be shipping internationally, you can clearly distinguish between your domestic and international orders.
  • In the Mobile App, if you attempt to Verify a Purchase Order when some or all of the Purchase Order’s products have unconfirmed quantities, it will now be worded more clearly to indicate (in the popup) that this action is irreversible.
  • A new filter, “Urgent”, is now available on the Add Wave Pick screen, to allow tenants to only add Urgent orders to a Wave Pick, so that they can easily prioritise picking those Urgent orders if they choose to.
  • Tenants now have the ability to Print Customer Invoices from the Wave Pick page for a group of Sales Orders in a Wave Pick all at once, with the addition of a new Print Customer Invoices button on this page.
  • We have increased configuration options and logic for Sale Order Cut Off Times and Expected Ship Date determination by adding a “Next Pack Date” setting. This will allow you to more clearly communicate to customers when you will next be packing your Sale Orders if they happen to miss the cutoff time.

TMS enhancements

  • Where applicable, vehicle names are now shown and linked on each Delivery Run, next to the Driver’s name, allowing you to quickly monitor allocation of their vehicles to delivery runs
  • Sale Order Ship Date has been added to the Consignments page as a column which can be toggled On/Off. This column will show the date, and whether the date is the Expected or Requested. You will also be able to filter by this new column
  • When adding a new consignment on the Add Consignment screen we have removed the options to create a new Return or Duplicate consignment to tidy up the interface, as these options shouldn’t apply here
  • When a Consignment is in Delivered status, there is a reasonably-buried option to Email the POD - so we have made it more visible to you
  • We have added a Required Delivery Date column to the Consignments screen so that users can sort consignments based on the Required Delivery date of each consignment, and ensure that the Consignments are delivered in the correct order.
  • Downloaded connotes will now include the Consignment Reference in the file name to allow for easier sorting of files
  • Users with Zone Sets enabled can now go into an Address, and access a new A2ZS Mapping tab. This tab allows users to see any Zone Sets which the address is attributed to, and access a direct link to the Addresses to Zones page for that Zone Set - allowing users to quickly adjust any misconfigurations in their Zone Sets.

General look & feel enhancements

  • Included a ‘View’ link on all charges on Sale Orders, Purchase Orders and Consignments, so that it’s clearer when you may click to view a charge breakdown 
  • When you creates a new Required custom field, or updates a new custom field, they will now always see a warning which makes it clear to them that they are effectively adding a restriction which means the field must be filled.
  • This change makes the behaviour of the Remove from Selection button more intuitive on pages which have it (View Invoice, Add Consignments to Invoice, Bulk Allocation). We have added “Select All” and “Unselect all” buttons allowing you to bulk select/unselect pages to remove from the “selected” section

With this release, we're introducing some useful improvements to the way Transport Charges work. 

Now, your consignments will automatically generate charges upon creation, allowing your customers to immediately see the price of a consignment, and allowing you to see more up-to-date income information in the BI dashboard.

These charges will also now update if you edit the consignment details, or if you edit any line item details related to the Transport Rate in use.

We've also improved the way this page will appear to you, and to your customer, which will allow you to take advantage of any advanced rate cascades which you want to use.

For more detail on how Consignment Charges now work, please visit the new, dedicated Knowledge Base page.

Additionally, if you wish to see the exact changes, we have also created a page outlining each change in specific detail - before and after - so that you can be clear on how this may affect your billing.

iOS version 1.12.0 and Android version 4.8.0 include important updates to support warehouse specific time zone and date format changes.

All user types will now see dates and times in the most relevant time zone to them - drivers will see local time, and warehouse users will see their warehouse time. When deliveries are being completed across time zones, this allows for better visibility and clarity for your organisation as to when the delivery was completed. Further, date and time input fields will now also inherit the format from your Organisation Settings on the web app, giving you the ability to set and choose the date format which appears across all Cartoncloud interfaces.

General Changes & Enhancements

iOS (1.12.0)

  • Wheel-style date picker has been replaced by the calendar-style date picker.
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Please note: This release requires iOS14 or higher

Android (4.8.0)

  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Cartoncloud's Bulk Allocation screen allows you to see all your Delivery Runs in one place, so that you can shuffle consignments around each run as you see fit and maximise their efficiency.

We have now improved this feature so that you will now also be able to see all your unallocated consignments on this screen, under the new Undetermined section. This feature gives you the flexibility to allocate consignments which fall into Zones between which you haven't yet created comprehensive Transport Lanes for, and it can also act as a handy safeguard to ensure that you are allocating all of your consignments.

Note: This feature is only available to users of the V2 TMS.

Release 02 November 2022

This release allows users to add consignment item detail including code, description, custom fields and item measures to the consignment report, so that they can report on metrics related to the items themselves such as the number of items by description/item code moved over a period.

Users will be able to:

  • run and export these fields in their reports through the Consignment Report screen,
  • update existing templates to include these fields and carry this through to the email notifications, and
  • combine both Consignment Item fields and Sale Order Product fields in one report.
Release 01 November 2022

This release makes the components on the Transport Rates page and Transport Lanes page more user-friendly. We have updated the buttons and warning messages on this page to make it easier to use and understand.

1.11.24 (Mobile - iOS)

This release includes:

  • Consignment error comments show an error type as title in first line.
  • Send a local timezone offset of consignment error to endpoint.
Release 25 September 2022

Released today are some improvements to support capturing additional street address details. This includes adding a new Street Address 2 field to the address details to capture specific information about an address such as Building number, Apartment number etc. Some external systems require this information to be separated. This change also includes updates to the consignment details screen to show additional contact details from the address saving users the need to drill into the address record. Additionally, the new address details and contact information including the contact name have been added to the mobile app, and the consignment details view so that Drivers have the name and contact details of the receiver at hand. 

Release 18 August 2022

We are excited to announce a new feature to enhance our Custom field capability, requested by a variety of our customers, this improvement enables custom fields to be marked as internal, restricting this field to be only visible by internal users within the application. This includes Administrators, Packers, Data Entry and Driver roles. 

This functionally will ensure the information that needs to be stored against a consignment or sale order that should not be accessible by the customer can now be securely managed via this toggle. All views within the web application that external users can access will now hide these fields, reports that contain these custom fields will not display or export the internally marked custom fields so you can confidently store this information. For more information please refer to this knowledge base article Custom Fields

1.11.13 (Mobile - iOS)

Minor UI improvements to display distance units of measure as per your organisation setting, bug fixes and performance improvements.

4.7.12 (Mobile - Android)

Minor UI improvements to display distance units of measure as per your organisation setting, bug fixes and performance improvements.

1.11.9 (Mobile - iOS)

This release adds the option for drivers to edit the Space value against consignment items. This can be useful if when the driver loads his vehicle the number of spaces the consignment takes up varies from what was originally identified when the consignment was created. The space value has also been made available to the view items screen and the details screen.

4.7.8 (Mobile - Android)

This release adds the option for drivers to edit the Space value against consignment items. This can be useful if when the driver loads his vehicle the number of spaces the consignment takes up varies from what was originally identified when the consignment was created. The space value has also been made available to the view items screen and the details screen.

Release 30 June 2022

This release includes:

  • Two new organisation settings enabling users to configure the default units for weight and dimensions. The new configuration can be found under features and options and allow you to select from Kg or lb or tonnes or tones and m, ft, cm, in. More details can be found here.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements. 
1.11.8 (Mobile - iOS)

This version contains an important fix for issues with authenticating uploads from the app.