1.8.11 (Mobile -iOS)
  • Bug fixes
4.6.11 (Mobile - Android)
  • Bug fixes.
  • Users can now set default values for certain Custom Fields, making data entry faster and easier. For example if every consignment from the warehouse is shipped with a Service of Express, set the default to Express. 
  • When printing labels for Sale Orders, you can now see if Labels have been printed and also the number of labels that were printed. This can be helpful if you need to refer back later to determine the number of items to be shipped. 
  • Administrators managing charges can now see the rate that was used to calculate a charge from the charges tab, they can also click on the Rate ID to jump straight to that rate. This can be helpful when investigating how charges were calculated. 
  • This period also included technical improvements and bug fixes. v864 - v877
  • This specific release included a great new feature that allows Drivers to show Receivers the products from the consignments related warehouse order on the mobile app at the time of capturing the POD. Previously drivers would have to carry paperwork with these details. This new feature can be configured at an Organisation level setting or at a Customer level. For more details Click Here
4.6.9 (Mobile - Android)
1.8.10 (Mobile -iOS)
  • Bug fixes

This release period included technical improvements and bug fixes. 

1.8.9 (Mobile -iOS)
  • Bug fixes

Releases over the holiday period focused on technical improvements to the product and bug fixes. v847 - V854

4.6.8 (Mobile - Android)
  • Bug fixes.

Over this busy Christmas period the team has been working on some larger improvements to the product to be released in the new year. Releases over this period V831 - 846 contained technical improvements and bug fixes. 

  • Bug fixes
1.8.8 (Mobile -iOS)
  • Improvements to workflows for customers with the SSCC add on enabled
  • Bug fixes

Release Log Changes

We have now moved to daily releases and to make the blog as useful as possible we will be moving to a fortnightly summary of what has been released rather than the previous method. Significant new features will be posted separately so they are easy to find. Mobile releases will continue to be posted as they are to ensure it is easy for users to determine what the current release version is. 

1.8.7 (Mobile -iOS)
  • Bug fixes