For information on how to connect a Bluetooth barcode scanner to your iOS device please check out this article: Connect a Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

When referring to a product barcode in the article below, this represents the barcode given to a product unit of measure.

For more information on how to add barcodes to product unit of measures, please check out this article: Products Units of Measure - Add/Edit Conversion Measurement and Barcode.

This page covers the process of receiving stock into your warehouse using the mobile scan putaway process. 

The Putaway Process also supports splitting a purchase order, for more details see: Splitting a Purchase Order on Mobile


To begin, select the Purchase Order that you are receiving into the warehouse (from the Purchase Order List screen).

A Purchase Order that is currently in Not Yet Received state can be updated to Received by selecting the Receive button at the bottom of the Product Detail View (in either the Details, Verify or Allocate tab). Once the order has been received, products can be added, edited, confirmed and allocated.

Confirm Product Quantities

There are several ways to confirm a product quantity for a product within the Product List.

Manual Quantity Confirmation

On tapping a product on the Product List, you will be forwarded to the Confirmation View. If the list was previously filtered using a scanned (or manually entered) product barcode the Confirmation View will automatically be pre-filled with the scanned product quantity.

Automatic Quantity Confirmation

On filtering the Product List (see "Filter Product List" in Purchase Order Product Verify List for more details about this process), if there is only one product left matching all filters, the Confirmation View will be automatically be displayed and pre-filled with the scanned product quantity (if applicable).

Confirmation View

The Confirmation View will either be automatically opened for you on scanning/entering a product barcode while in the Product List (see "Confirm Product Quantities" above for more information), or is opened after tapping on a product in the list.

Within the Confirmation View, relevant information about the product is being displayed: warehouse location, product name, expiry date, base unit of measure, product id and custom fields. Custom fields and expiry date are initially hidden but can be expanded by tapping on the "Show Custom Fields" text.

There are two options for entering quantities into the Confirmation View:

Manually entering quantity: Adjust or enter the product quantity by using the "calculator"-style input fields.

Scanning product quantity: Scan a product barcode to increase the quantity by the scanned product quantity. This can be done multiple times until the desired quantity is achieved.

Once the desired quantity is added, simply select the "Confirm" button to confirm. The confirmed quantity does not have to equal the required quantity to be able to perform this confirmation step. In this case the expected quantity for the product will be updated.

Alternatively, if you do not want to confirm yet, select the "Save" button, which will save the quantity but not finalise the confirmation process yet.

Additional Functionality in Confirmation View

More... / Edit / Allocate


Please refer to Editing Purchase Order Products for more information on this functionality.

Should you want to print a label for the purchase order product simply select this button and choose how many labels you want to print from your ZPL printer connected to the CartonCloud system. 


After confirming all product quantities, select "Verify" to verify the purchase order. Should all products also already have been allocated to location, verifying will automatically be combined with the Allocate step.

In case there are products without confirmed quantities, an alert will be displayed warning you of this. It presents you with three options: cancel the verification, show unconfirmed products or verify (and set all products to confirmed).

VerifyShow unconfirmed products

All products current saved quantities will be confirmed. This means a product might be confirmed with quantity 0. This is a way to force verify a purchase order without confirming each product beforehand.

On selecting this option, the product list will be filtered to only show products with unconfirmed product quantities, highlighted by a drop-down info bar being displayed below the filters.

Required Fields

If there are required fields for the product which have not yet been populated then the application will prompt you to complete these before verifying.

Required fields can be updated by selecting the Product and then updating the values through the Edit Screen.

Locate / Allocating

The Locate tab can be used to allocate stock to a selected Warehouse Location. 

Select the Product you wish to allocate and a screen will appear to select the Warehouse Location.

Allocating Using Scan Move

Stock can be allocated to Warehouse Locations at a later time by using the Scan Move 2.0 functionality.

This workflow is useful when you verify stock at a central location such as the loading dock or a bulk area and then check it into warehouse locations later on.

The benefit of using Scan Move rather than the Locate tab in this scenario is that the warehouse staff member putting the stock away can easily scan the labels on the product and then scan the warehouse location to confirm the allocation. 

This allows stock to be allocated to a location much quicker as it removes the requirement to navigate to the appropriate Purchase order and Product within the mobile app before allocating.