The Purchase Order list displays all Purchase Orders for the current warehouse (see Switch Warehouse for information on how to change the current warehouse) that are either Not Yet Received, Received or Verified.

Purchase Order Information

The information displayed includes:

  • Purchase Order Status: This label will display either NR (Not Yet Received), (Received) or V (Verified) and reflects the current status of the Purchase Order. Please note, that you may also briefly see a Purchase Order Status of (Allocated) while a finished Purchase Order is being uploaded to the server.

  • Urgent Label: This label is optionally displayed if a Purchase Order has been assigned "Urgent" status in the CartonCloud system (this can be both Customer Urgent or Order Urgent).
  • Customer Name
  • Arrival Time
  • Purchase Order Id and Reference

Purchase Order Details

For even more information on a Purchase Order, select a Purchase Order from the Purchase Order List. On selection, you will be redirected to the Product List for this Purchase Order, but you will also have a Details tab available which displays more information about the Purchase Order, including Special Instructions and Initial / On Hand / Free quantities.

Refresh Purchase Orders

There are two ways to refresh the Purchase Order List from the server. Either swipe down while viewing the list (iOS only) or use the Refresh Purchase Orders button in the menu.

Swipe down to Refresh (iOS only)Menu Option to Refresh

Search Purchase Orders

To search the Purchase Order List, tap onto the search bar on top of the list and start typing your search term such as a Purchase Order's reference. The list will be immediately filtered to match your search text and matching text within the list rows will be highlighted in red. 

Search Criteria

Currently, the list search allows you to search for matching text in:

  • Purchase Order Customer Name
  • Purchase Order Id
  • Purchase Order Reference

Separate By Customer Name

Should you prefer the Purchase Order List to be separated into sections by customer name, simply select the Filter button in the top navigation bar and activate the "Split by customer names" option and select the "Apply" button to confirm your selection. You will notice the list has now been updated to reflect your setting.

Without Splitting By Customer Name Filter View

With Splitting By Customer Name 

Please note that if you have an urgent Purchase Order in your Purchase Order list, the "Urgent" label will also be displayed in the corresponding section header, making it easier to identify which customer's orders contain one or more urgent Purchase Orders.