After navigating to the Scan Move mode, an input view is displayed, requiring the user to enter the product label (POP Label) and warehouse location information to move an item.

Entering Scan Move Values

These values can be entered either manually or using a barcode scanner.

By Manual Entry

To move an item by manual entry, simply tap into the text field you want to edit and type the label barcode.

Once both fields have been filled out, choose "Move" to submit the data and confirm the move. Should you want to clear the value of both fields, select "Clear" to empty both text fields.

By Barcode Scanning

To be able to move an item by scanning the product and warehouse location barcodes, ensure a bluetooth scanner is connected to your mobile device. Once this is all set up, simply navigate to the Scan Move View & start scanning.

The first scan will fill out the "Scan Product Label" text field and the second scan will enter data into the "Scan New Warehouse Location Label" text field. After scanning data into the location field, the move will be automatically confirmed without having to select the "Move" button. This is to allow the user to immediately continue with scanning another product to move.

The values in the text fields can still be manually edited by tapping into them and editing. After finishing the edit, simply tap outside the field to dismiss the keyboard (if displayed) and continue with the automatic scanning into the fields.

For more information on how to connect a bluetooth barcode scanner to your mobile device please check out this article: Connect a Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Scan Move Status

After adding a scan-move, it will be added to the list below the entry fields and show the movement's current status. There are several statuses the move can be in.


This is the initial state for any scan-move, as the information is being transferred to the CartonCloud server. Scan-moves in this state will not be deleted from the list. The only bit of information being displayed while uploading is the entered product label and warehouse location label.


After a successful move, the corresponding entry in the scan move list will be adjusted accordingly, showing more information about the server response.


After a failed allocation, the corresponding entry in the job allocation list will be adjusted accordingly, showing details about the issue that was encountered when trying to allocate the job on the server.


  • Only 5 items are being kept in the scan move list at any time, meaning "old" items will be dropped as new moves are added. Notable exceptions are moves that are still in "uploading" status. These will be kept in the list until the upload is resolved.
  • A short delay of 0.2 sec is enabled between barcode reads when using a barcode scanner. Please be aware that scanning barcodes any faster than this may cause barcodes to be read incorrectly.
  • Internet connection is required for any item move to take place successfully.


iOS app

  • No keyboard displaying when attempting a manual entry or edit:

    • On your Bluetooth barcode scanner: Ensure HID features for Apple iOS are enabled. Double-pressing the trigger button on your scanner may be required to bring up the iPhone keyboard for manual entry if you do not want to disconnect/reconnect your Bluetooth scanner every time manual entry is required. HID features can normally be enabled/disabled by scanning the corresponding barcode in your Bluetooth barcode scanner's manual.

  • Scanned barcode does not appear: Ensure your Bluetooth barcode scanner is connected to your iOS device. Alternatively, try manual entry.