Please note that the Scan Move functionality is only available to mobile app users that have been assigned a Packer role through the CartonCloud web app. Users with only Driver level permission will not be able to access this functionality.

For more information on User Modes please check out this article: User Modes

If you're not a Packer but would like to access the Scan Move functionality, use the Demo Mode available on the app login screen to get the chance to trial this feature.

More information about Demo Mode: Demo Account

As a Packer Or As A Driver & Packer

Assuming that you have been assigned either a "Packer" or both a "Packer" & a "Driver" role through the CartonCloud web app, the Scan Move functionality can be accessed easily by either choosing to enter the Scan Move user mode on login or selecting the Switch User Mode option in the main-slide in menu, which is accessed through the menu button in the top bar within the app.

User Mode Selection on Login"Switch Mode" Menu OptionUser Mode Switching

As a Driver

Assuming that you have only been assigned a "Driver" role through the CartonCloud web app, the Scan Picking functionality will not be available to you, as you will only be able to operate in Delivering mode.