The Scan Move functionality within the CartonCloud iOS and Android application allow users to move items into a new warehouse location by either manually entering the product label and warehouse location barcodes, or scanning them using a barcode scanner. 

Scan Move 2.0 

Scan Move 2.0 is the latest update for Scan Move and includes additional Scan Move features, such as the Move Cart. To access Scan Move 2.0 you need to first enable it on your device. See How to enable Scan Move 2.0.

Scan Move 2.0 allows you to scan or manually enter a warehouse location barcode and select specific stock within that location to be moved (as opposed to moving all stock within the location). You can also scan or manually enter a Purchase Order Product (POP) barcode and move only a select quantity of that product (rather than the entire POP record). 

For more information see Scan Move 2.0 (Basic Move) and Scan Move 2.0 (Move Cart).