CartonCloud parses Consignment Invoices that are sent through via Email, FTP, or manually uploaded. The Parsers extract the Customer Reference Number from an invoice. CartonCloud then uses this Customer Reference Number to try and automatically assign the Invoice to the correct Consignment, however in some cases the Consignment Customer Invoices are imported prior to the Consignment. To prevent the Invoices from immediately just going to "Unassigned", they're put into a "Retrying" status while they wait for the associated Consignment to arrive.

If a Consignment Invoice is uploaded to the system before the actual Consignment, a Consignment Customer Invoice is created with a Retrying status. This Retrying status means that the system will automatically look for the Consignment that the Consignment Invoice belongs to and then link them together if it does find it. If the system does not find the correct Consignment on a retry then it stays in retrying and checks again every hour. The retrying process will continue for a period of 24 hours. If no Consignment is found that matches the Consignment Invoice, then it stops retrying and becomes an Unassigned Consignment Invoice.

Viewing Retrying Consignment Invoices

You can see which Consignment Invoices are in Retrying status by:

  • Clicking in the "Search For Anything" box at the top of the screen and typing "Consignment Invoices" and clicking the entry that appears in the search.
  • Using the More drop down menu and navigating to "Consignment Invoices"

This will bring you to the Consignment Customer Invoices page:

Navigate to the Retrying tab and look in the Consignment Ref column:

Manually Retrying Consignment Invoices

There are two ways to manually retry a Consignment Invoice that is in Retrying status. One is from the listing table and the other is when viewing a single Consignment Invoice.

To perform a Manual Retry from the listing table:

  1. Select which Consignment Invoice(s) you would like to retry
  2. Click More
  3. Click the Retry option that appears after clicking the More button.

To perform a Manual Retry while viewing a Consignment Invoice:

  1. Click on the Retry link in the Actions row:
  2. Click OK in the prompt that appears to confirm the Manual Retry