CartonCloud is integrated with Detrack allowing jobs picked in the CartonCloud WMS to be automatically transferred into the Detrack POD system.

What does the integration allow?

Pushing Sale Orders from CartonCloud to Detrack

While there are various ways the integration can be configured, the most common way is to trigger a new transport job to be created within Detrack once a Sale Order is packed within CartonCloud.

Once this is done, orders automatically appear in Detrack with the status "Info Received". The delivery address and sale order products are transferred across.

(Note: you can configure it to create the job on Sale Order approval or other statuses too).

In addition, rules can be created to control which orders are sent to Detrack. For example, you may use a Custom Field within your Sale Order to track whether or not the order should be sent to Detrack. 

Connection Requirements

To connect Detrack with CartonCloud we require your API Key. This can be accessed within Detrack from Settings > API Key.

How to get connected

Connections to Detrack need to be configured by the CartonCloud team.

 Please contact us to get Detrack connected.