Automation is at the core of CartonCloud. Whether you're needing to automate Sale Order entry, Purchase Order entry, or rapidly import PDF documents and have CartonCloud auto-assign them to the correct Consignment, you need to use Parsers.


Our webinar on Parsers and importing files is the fastest way to get up to speed with what CartonCloud can do, and how to make it do it. 


00:00 - Overview and Background 
02:00 - What is a Parser 
02:30 - Existing Parsers / Parser Examples 
03:20 - XLS Sale Order Template 
05:02 - CSV Sale Order Template + Explainer 
09:40 - Connecting Parsers to Customers 
12:50 - Importing a file using Parser + Upload Results 
15:50 - Connecting Customers Email Address 
20:00 - Example Notification Emails 
22:00 - Email Organisation Settings / Receiving a copy of all incoming emails. 
24:00 - Configuring parser to work via email 
29:20 - Email Parsing Log pt.1 
31:16 - Notification Settings 
33:22 - Email Parsing Log pt.2