Understanding the structure of the Knowledge Base will make it easier and faster to find the information you are looking for.

Articles will often be referred to without the instruction to "click on the link to access them", in these cases, the articles name will be a clickable hyperlink to it, for example, the Terminology Glossary link in this sentence.

Before proceeding, we highly recommend you take a quick look over the CartonCloud Terminology Glossary. This glossary will allow you to become familiar with the terms used within this Knowledge Base, including important details like what we call CartonCloud customers (Tenants), and what we call their customers (Customers).

The CartonCloud Knowledge Base splits its main tutorials between Setting up CartonCloud and Web App - Procedures & Troubleshooting. Meanwhile, support for the CartonCloud mobile app can be found in Mobile App - Support.

If you are a new CartonCloud tenant, the Setting up CartonCloud section is the best place to start.

The CartonCloud Web-App - Per Page Support section provides information for each page in CartonCloud, and is useful for when you are on a page on the CartonCloud web app, but not exactly sure what a feature does or field a means. 

The structure of this section replicates the CartonCloud Web App, so provided you know how you get to the page in CartonCloud that you are on, you can follow the same path in the Knowledge Base.

Integration, Automation & Customisation provides information and how-to-guides on how you can integrate your current systems and processes into CartonCloud.

Lastly, if you prefer long-form video content our Guided CartonCloud Set Up Videos provide a great overview of the different areas of the CartonCloud system.

Viewing small images

To keep articles clean, images such as screenshots of an entire page have sometimes been kept small, and this may lead to them being difficult to read. In these cases, clicking on the image is recommended to expand it to its full size. Try the image below as an example.