The following ticket categories and timeframes apply to all customer support tickets received by CartonCloud. 

Ticket typeDescriptionTarget time to first responseTarget time to resolution
Support L1

A simple or basic issue that is general in nature and able to be resolved with a simple explanation, documentation or video content or basic troubleshooting.

Within 2 hours.Resolved within 2 business days.
Support L2

A more complex issue that requires further investigation to resolve and respond appropriately. Support L2 tickets will often require paid support to resolve where they are not related to any degraded system performance. 

Within 2 hours.Resolved within 5 business days.
Support L3

An issue that can only be diagnosed or resolved by a CartonCloud representative. 

For example, it requires investigating backend systems or configuration that is only able to be completed by a CartonCloud representative. 

Within 2 hours.Resolved within 5 business days.
TechnicalAnything that requires investigation from the development team to diagnose or resolve.Within 2 hours.Dependent on severity. See Technical support & bug fixing policy.
BugAny technical or system issue relating to degraded performance of the CartonCloud software. Within 2 hours.Dependent on severity. See Technical support & bug fixing policy.
Integration Support

Any support request relating to an integration with CartonCloud.

Please note, with Integration Support requests often the issue may not be within CartonCloud's control (eg an issue with the API of another software program) which may impede our ability to resolve the issue. 

Within 4 hours.Dependent on severity and whether it can be resolved entirely by CartonCloud.

We do our best to provide the highest level of service for all of our customers and invite all users to provide feedback for each request to let us know how we went in resolving their query and how satisfied they were with the service provided. If you would like to provide any other feedback, please feel free to email

Contact support

If you need to get in touch with our support team, please visit the Contact Support page for full details.