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  1. How a Consignment determines its Delivery Run

    : allocation kb-how-to-article … This document explains how CartonCloud automatically selects a Delivery Run for a specific Consignment. There are two ways in which the allocation process
    Knowledge Base 2.0Aug 19, 2021
  2. Leeching Invoices (Continually Building Invoices) page.   Screen Shot 2021-07-06 at 4.55.02 pm.png invoices kb-how-to-article leeching-invoices leeching … as they appear throughout the week rather than having to deal with all errors at once at the end of the invoice period.  How to enable Automatic Leeching Invoices Please
    Knowledge Base 2.0Jul 07, 2021
  3. How to split a Manifest

    to underneath the new Manifest.  Split Manifest.gif Select Save.  Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 11.45.56 am.png manifest kb-how-to-article … a Manifest  How to split a Manifest You can split a Manifest as it arrives or before it arrives.  To split a Manifest as it arrives: Navigate to the Manifests
    Knowledge Base 2.0May 10, 2021
  4. Make Consignments Auto Update to In Transit (Warehouse to Delivery)

    -how-to-article … Consignment Type.  How to enable Auto in Transit  Navigate to Organisation Settings by typing in Organisation Settings in the Search for anything bar
    Knowledge Base 2.0Apr 13, 2021
  5. Notification Settings for Configuring Notification Emails for Operations Staff or Administrators

    -4-22_9-36-12.png New Consignment Error Created Notification (Filtered) image2021-4-22_11-49-50.png notification email kb-how-to-article notification … of emails to be sent to the email you set up within this article. Step-by-Step Guide  To begin, search for "Notification Settings" in the Search
    Knowledge Base 2.0Apr 28, 2021
  6. Flexible Handling Charges - Sale Order & Purchase Order

    from the Customer's Rate Card. kb-how-to-article
    Knowledge Base 2.0Feb 03, 2020
  7. Onforwarder Use Cases

    with the onforwarder. See our guide on how to set this up: Onforwarder - Use Case 3   onforwarder kb-how-to-article … If you have not done so already, please check the overview on Onforwarder Addresses here: Onforwarder Addresses This guide goes into details of how
    Knowledge Base 2.0Feb 03, 2020
  8. Onforwarder - Use Case 1

    -2-22_18-9-24.png onforwarder kb-how-to-article
    Knowledge Base 2.0Feb 03, 2020
  9. Onforwarder - Use Case 2

    of the Onforwarder Address (via Delivery Zones). image2018-2-22_18-11-55.png onforwarder kb-how-to-article
    Knowledge Base 2.0Feb 03, 2020
  10. Onforwarder - Use Case 3

    allocations: image2018-2-22_18-16-44.png onforwarder kb-how-to-article
    Knowledge Base 2.0Feb 03, 2020