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Looking for the questions? Webinar 3.2 Test Questions


  1. Clocking on enables the office to track the drivers position in the field, and also enables the drivers device to receive push notifications for job changes. See: Push Notifications
  2. You can use the "Locking" functionality within the driver app to lock a consignment into a particular position. See: Route Optimisation#Optional:LockingJobPositions
  3. Using the filters within the list screen, set the "Split by" option to "Run Sheet".
  4. The order missing the carton needs to be signed for separately with an error lodged. After doing this, the remainder can be recorded in a single signature.
  5. Simply have the store store-stamp the paperwork, then use the photo taking option to take a photo of the paperwork.
  6. Within the Organisation Settings you can configure the Mobile App field. Custom Fields within the App. Create one called Temperature and make it Required.
  7. Jobs that are marked as requiring Cash On Delivery (COD) require the driver to enter the amount of money collected. If they record this as $0, then it prompts them to provide a reason why this is the case "Why is nothing being collected?". This information is then tracked and links into CartonCloud's Cash On Delivery (COD) features.
  8. Yes, using the Photograph Invoices to Create PODs functionality within the app, a driver can take a photo of a signed connote and then an office staff member can allocate / create a consignment for this POD.
  9. The CartonCloud Driver app is designed similarly to a desktop email system in that jobs are pre-downloaded before the driver leaves the office, and PODs / Errors / Photos etc will remain in the "Outbox" until internet / wifi is available to the device. This is particularly common in underground loading docks where phone reception drops out. As soon as the drivers coverage comes back, the phone will upload the POD in the background.
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