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These steps are for both Warehousing and Transport, following these are further setup steps for each specific area. Please follow the steps to setup CartonCloud in the best way possible → these are best followed in order but can be changed if you have an advanced knowledge.

Each step has a link to the page with more information on how to complete → follow the links for more detailed information in each area as it applies to you. Especially if you are setting up CartonCloud for the first time → this has been designed so you can follow the information and also complete your setup within the live CartonCloud system at the same time i.e. load real details using these instructions.

Webinar 1 - Intro to CartonCloud

If you've not done so already, we highly recommend watching our intro Webinar: (our full list of Webinars are available here: Webinar Video Recordings)

00:00 - Introduction to the webinar series
01:50 - Overview of the system, links, sitemap and search
05:00 - Organisation Settings
27:25 - Where to find out more information (how to use the Knowledge base)
30:45 - How to contact support
32:00 - How to add Users
39:00 - Adding a Customer
41:00 - Adding a user that has customer-level access
42:25 - Providing Admins with Customer-Level access

Step 1. Users

To access CartonCloud, User logins are needed for you, your staff and your customers.

Step 2. Customers (Contacts)

Customers are needed to separate information in CartonCloud, everything is loaded against a customer. You will need a minimum of 1 customer. 

Now follow the detailed steps for either Warehousing or Transport or both (if you do both, start with warehousing then move onto transport):

Warehousing Next Steps

Transport Next Steps

Return for more following the specific Warehousing or Transport steps:

Step 3. Customer Charges

Customer Charges control the charges that produce invoices

Step 4. Accounting Software Integrations (Accounting Connectors)

CartonCloud can link with your accounting software so that invoice is sent there and potentially received back to be sent to the customer

Step 5. Invoices

Invoices can be sent to customers for your charging to them

Step 6. Reports

Various Reports can be accessed by yourself or your customers for the activities within CartonCloud

Step 7. ParsersAPI

Automating your incoming information is easy with CartonCloud, there are many different ways of achieving this and ensuring this is completed is the best way to save administration costs. Parsers are the most common and here is information on how to get them setup.

Step 8. Addresses & Address Strings

CartonCloud has some nice features relating to address management which is particularly important for transport to ensure accuracy as often customers address databases are different/inaccurate. Strongly recommend to watch the video as it explains this nicely.

Step 9. Using the Mobile App - General

For transport electronic signatures by drivers, the Mobile App is used to achieve this. Also in Warehousing the operations performed on the web view can be completed via the mobile app or enhanced for things like barcode scanning etc. This shows how to access the app for both and then in Warehousing and Transport there is more detailed information.