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If you've not done so, watching our warehousing webinars is the fastest and easiest way to get up and running. 

These can be accessed from our Webinar Video Recordings.

The two recommended are: Webinar 2.2 - WMS 101 (shown below) and Webinar 2.6 - WMS Charging Details.

Pro Tip: Increase playback speed to 1.25x

2.2 - WMS 101

General Warehouse Management Concepts Overview. Adding Products, Warehouse Locations, Importing Initial Stocks, Purchase Orders + Sale Orders.

0:00 - General Warehouse Concepts Overview.
1:43 - Adding Products 
19:57 - Importing Products in bulk 
22:18 - Adding Warehouse Locations 
31:20 - Purchase Orders 
42:40 - Sale Orders 
55:20 - Importing Initial Stocks

Step 1. Products

Products / SKU's / Articles are the names of the stock you are storing in the warehouse, upload or enter these to allow them to have quantities imported.

Step 2. Warehouse Locations

The names of the locations in the warehouse where Products are stored, at least 1 needed to locate the Products in the warehouse.

Step 3. Starting Stock / Warehouse Migration

Upload your current stock quantities so that CartonCloud matches your actual physical stock on hand before orders in and out of the warehouse are processed.

Step 4. Purchase Orders

Movements into the Warehouse

Step 5. Sale Orders

Movements out of the Warehouse

You're now ready for Warehousing Operations in CartonCloud!

More day to day training steps are listed now:

Step 6. Stock Movements

Move stock around the Warehouse Locations

Step 7. Stock Adjustments

Adjust quantities, expiry dates, batches / lots etc once the stock is in the Warehouse, i.e. after the Purchase Order is finished and changes are required from there.

Step 8. Using the Mobile App - Warehouse - Pickers & Packers / Incoming

See General first for information on how to access before the detailed information for warehousing.