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CartonCloud is a complete Warehouse Management System (WMS), designed for both distributors and 3PLs.

Our warehousing system, while robust and feature-filled, is surprisingly simple and easy to use. We've designed the system with ease-of-use and automation in mind. We allow you to do things such as roll-back a Sale Order, or revert a Purchase Order safely, allowing you to easily make corrections if mistakes have been made.

In addition, many of CartonCloud's more advanced features, such as Invoicing and Charging, are designed with 3PLs in mind; allowing you to completely automate the invoicing for Storage, Pick Pack and any other chargeable task within your warehouse.

Table of Contents:

Getting Started


The fastest and easiest way to get up and running is to watch our two webinars specifically on how to use the warehousing module.

These can be accessed from our Webinar Video Recordings.

The two recommended are: Webinar 2.2 - WMS 101 (shown below) and Webinar 2.6 - WMS Charging Details.

Pro Tip: Increase playback speed to 1.25x

2.2 - WMS 101

General Warehouse Management Concepts Overview. Adding Products, Warehouse Locations, Importing Initial Stocks, Purchase Orders + Sale Orders.

0:00 - General Warehouse Concepts Overview.
1:43 - Adding Products 
19:57 - Importing Products in bulk 
22:18 - Adding Warehouse Locations 
31:20 - Purchase Orders 
42:40 - Sale Orders 
55:20 - Importing Initial Stocks

Overview of what's required to setup the WMS

Setting up the CartonCloud WMS in your organisation requires the following steps:

  1. Creating a Customer
  2. Creating one or more Products
  3. Creating one or more Warehouse Locations (where stock is allocated)

Once that is complete, we'll then run through how to do the following:

  1. Adding a Purchase Order to load stock into the system
  2. Creating a Sale Order to send stock from the system

Now that you're across the basics, it's time to do everything in bulk, so we'll take you through

  1. Importing Products in Bulk
  2. Importing Stocks in Bulk
  3. Importing Sale Orders (via Web-Upload, Email and API)

With all that data in the system, you'll need to know how to review it!

  1. How to use Stock Reports
  2. How to trace stock through Stock Movement Reports

And lastly, in order to perform everything from our mobile app

  1. Receiving in stock via Mobile App
  2. Packing and sending stock via Mobile App

Overview of 3PL Warehousing

If you're unfamiliar with what 3PL Warehousing is, we suggest you watch this video as it explains the specifics of the 3PL environment.

Individual Topics