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Warehouse Locations are either Single Pallet or Multiple Pallet Locations that hold stock. Warehouse locations provide directed picking, can be scanned by our mobile apps, and are used to calculate storage charges.

Warehouse Locations Visualised

Key Warehouse Location Information

  • Need at least 1 Warehouse Location to locate products in CartonCloud for Storage to calculate and stock keeping etc.
  • Invoice Charging works differently depending on the types of Warehouse Locations used - see Storage Charges for more information
  • Warehouse Locations have Product Types assigned to them → this can be used to restrict products to certain areas or for Invoice Charging purposes.
  • Scanning for locating or picking stock can work off Warehouse Locations → this comes from the barcode for the location.
  • Printing Warehouse Locations with barcodes on stickers is a capability of CartonCloud.

Links to further detailed reading:

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