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If you are looking to update your Hardware and have a product that is not listed on this page, please contact CartonCloud Support to check that your device is supported

Apple iOS

Buying New Apple Devices? Ensure iOS 13 compatibility.

While CartonCloud works with older versions of iOS, for future proofing we recommend purchasing devices which support the latest version of iOS.

Supported Barcode Scanners

Honeywell Captuvo Sleds

To use iPhones in the warehouse and scan barcodes → Honeywell Captuvo Sleds

For details on how to set up the Captuvo SL42 see this link Honeywell Captuvo SL42 - iPhone 6/s Sled for Barcode Scanning


Please refer to the Honeywell Captuvo set up guide above on how to prepare your Linea Pro Sled for use with the CartonCloud mobile app.

Infinite Peripherals Linea Pro Sleds

To use iPhones and iPods in the warehouse and scan barcodes → Infinite Peripherals Linea Pro Sleds. This include  iPod touch using Linea Pro 5, iPhone 6/6S/7/8 using Linea Pro 7 or Linea Pro 7 Industrial and iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus/7 Plus/8 Plus using Linea Pro 7 Plus

Zebra Motorola

To use iPads in the warehouse and scan barcodes (bluetooth connected) → Zebra Motorola Scanner Kit CS3070 1D-SR Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

EYOYO MJ-2877 Wireless Barcode Scanner Bluetooth

Very affordable and very simple to use. A great way to get started with scanning within a warehouse and an affordable starting point.



Not all of the iOS warehousing functionality is available on Android yet. For example Wave Picking is currently only accessible on mobile via iOS / Apple devices. See the full comparison.

Recommended / Tested Devices

CartonCloud works with nearly all Android devices. If you find a particular device is not compatible, please let us know

We're working to test and confirm as many devices as possible, and the following are those which we have tested:

Bluetooth Barcode ScannerKDC400Yes - Internally
Rugged Android DeviceSENICO SA-019

Yes - Internally

Rugged Android DeviceSENICO SA-007Yes - Internally
Bluetooth Barcode ScannerZebra LI278Yes - Internally
Rugged Android DeviceCipherLab RS31Yes - Internally
Rugged Android DeviceCipherLab RK25Yes - Internally
Rugged Android DeviceCipherLab RS50Yes - Internally

CipherLab Rugged Scanning Devices

To use Android devices in the warehouse to scan → CipherLab Android Scanning Devices

For details on how to configure the CipherLab scanning devices see this link CipherLab (RS31,RK25,RS50,RK95) Setup Instructions

Recommended Label Printers

Labels Printed / day

Recommended Printer
Approx Retail Price (AUD)
< 100Zebra GK420D$1040
100 - 500Zebra ZT230$1950
> 500Zebra ZT400$2730

Note: You can purchase any ZPL equivalent with matching label size.

Label Size

For Pallet Labels, Consignment labels it is currently 100x150mm Direct Thermal labels compatible with printers mentioned before. (This can be 101x149mm too sometimes).

Wave Picking labels and Product labels are a different size.