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With CartonCloud, you're able to allocate Run Sheets against specific Vehicles.
This makes it possible to track the performance and revenue generated by individual vehicles.

By default, everything related to Vehicles is hidden until you create one or more vehicles.

Creating a vehicle is easy, simply navigate to: More --> Site Map --> Vehicles.

To create a new Vehicle, simply click 'Add Vehicle'.

You can make the name whatever you like, it's recommended to include the Number Plate so you can easily distinguish between your fleet.
You also need to select one or more warehouses where the Vehicle will be able to be allocated to a particular Run Sheet.

Click Save to finish creating the Vehicle.

Now, you'll find that within each Run Sheet you're able to see, and change the vehicle associated with the Run Sheet:

To make changes, simply click 'Change' (or, click the Edit down the bottom of the page)

Select the Vehicle, then click 'Save'.

The Run Sheet, and all associated Consignments are now linked with this vehicle.

For Reporting Purposes, the 'Bulk Export Consignments' report will show which Vehicle was used for which Consignment, so it's very easy to analyse exactly how your fleet is performing.