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The CartonCloud mobile app allows users to confirm weights for products that have been set up as Random Weight Product in the system on packing an order.

Enabling Random Weight for a Product

The random weight characteristics has to be enabled on the CartonCloud web app for a product that random weight has to be collected for as part of the packing process.

To access this option, navigate to the product's page on CartonCloud, choose Edit and change Random Weight Product to Yes and save your changes.

Confirming Random Weights

On the mobile app, enter the sale order you want to pack, then on selecting the product to pack, if the product is a random weight product, the weight confirmation screen will be shown.

There are two options for confirming the weight of a product line - either by setting a total weight for the product line, e.g. all 10 rounds of cheese, or by setting the weight for each unit on the line, e.g. every round of cheese separately.

For both options Confirm Weights will confirm total packed weight, which is either entered manually or calculated as the total of all entered unit weights. This weight is saved on the server unless the Rapid Sale Order Packing option has been activated in the settings, in which case the weights will only be confirmed server-side when finishing packing the sale order.

On selecting Pack, the entered weights are stored but not confirmed on the server. This means the weights will be available on re-opening the weight confirmation view, but not on refreshing the sale order from the server.

Total Weight

Per-Unit Weight

In the case of enabling per-item weight, each entry in the unit list needs to have a weight entered. If this is not the case, an error message will be shown.

Random Weights in the List View

Once weights have been confirmed for a product, they will be displayed in the product list view within a sale order.

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