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Intro Explanation 

Anyone who wishes to access CartonCloud needs to be setup as a user.

This document will cover how to create new users, what the different types of users are and how to users can reset their passwords. 

User Roles and Access

Below shows the various user roles and which interface that user role can access. 

Disabling Users (stopping users from having access)

CartonCloud users cannot be deleted once created, but they can be deactivated. The reason for this is, CartonCloud Users may have access to multiple CartonCloud accounts, therefore, by disabling them from your account they can still login to CartonCloud, but cannot access your Organisation.

You can deactivate a user by clicking on Contacts → Users, find the user you wish to deactivate, click into them and then click "Deactivate":

Once deactivated, you can reactive the user with a single click:

Note, by default you don't see "Inactive" users when looking at the Users List. To see Inactive users, use the filter:

Links to further detailed reading

Please click on the links below for further information relating to this or follow the links via the menu on the left.

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