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Anyone who wishes to access CartonCloud needs to be setup as a user.

This document will give an overview on users, what the different types of users are and the level of access roles have 

Table of Contents

Adding a new user

User Roles and Access

Below shows the various user roles and which interface that user role can access. 

User Roles Explained

The below describes the different roles a user can be assigned to;


Selecting this option provides access to all areas within CartonCloud, however there is an additional settings that can restrict this user. When you select the Administrator role tick box there is an option that appears to allow this user to add and edit other Users. If this is not selected the user will not have the ability to add or edit other users and their settings. This is typically only enabled for the System Administrator within your organisation for CartonCloud. 

PackerSelect this option for users who need to view, edit and pack Purchase Orders and Sales Orders. This is also required for users who wish to use the mobile app for Putaway, Picking and Wave Picking features
CustomerThis role restricts the user to only login as a specific Customer. Please note that Order entry screens and features are different and restricted for these users. Note you must select at least one Customer. Note if you wish to provide a user with Administrator role access to login as a customer they will be provided with a drop down when the login to select which Customer they wish to emulate.
DriverSelect this role for all users who need to login to the mobile app for Delivering and to login to the Web App to view their Consignments and Run Sheets
Data EntryThis role provides the user with the ability to add, edit and view consignments, Manifests and upload consignment invoices (hard copy POD's & other paperwork)
OnforwarderEnable this role for external Onforwarders who need to login to the system to update consignment status, attach additional paperwork and view their allocated consignments. 

As a guide the following user types would have these roles selected. 

User TypeAdministratorPackerCustomerDriverData EntryOnforwarder
System AdminYesYesYesYesYesYes




Warehouse ManagerYesYes

Customer Service






Warehouse Picker

Links to further detailed reading

Please click on the links below for further information relating to this or follow the links via the menu on the left.

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