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If clients require Sale Orders to be picked urgently, or Purchase Orders to be verified Urgently, they can mark an order urgent.

In addition, you can load additional charges for handling Urgent Orders. For example; allowing you to charge a $10 surcharge for all Urgent Orders.

This is a great way to add additional revenue to your business, while ensuring you're meeting client demand.

Customers marking an order Urgent

When an order is in the status "Awaiting Pick and Pack", your customers have the ability to "Make it Urgent".
From there, you need to approve the urgent request (prevents them marking orders urgent unbeknown to you).

The following screenshot is taken from the View Sale Order page when logged in as "Customer" role. This Sale Order is in "Awaiting Pick and Pack" status.


  • Once the order has progressed beyond "Awaiting Pick and Pack", the customer no longer has the option to "Make It Urgent" (as you're already processing).
  • When Orders are added to a Wave Pick they are immediately updated to "Packing In Progress" status, so the Urgent Request needs to be made prior to the Wave Pick starting.

If the user clicks this button, a request is placed on the order:

This can also be seen in the Sale Order List:

Now, when using the system from the Administration side, you can see that the user is alerted that there are pending Urgent Requests:

Clicking on the order you now have the ability to accept the Urgent Request.

Note: The Urgent Request can be acknowledged (or rejected) up until it gets Packed. When the order is marked Packed, if the request stands then it will be Approved Automatically.

If you don't want to mark the order as Urgent then you must disapprove of the Urgent Request prior to packing.

Note; you can directly edit whether an order is Urgent or Not after it is packed from the Edit Sale Order screen.

Administrators marking an order urgent

Admins can mark an order as urgent at any time from the Edit Sale Order screen.

This bypasses the entire approval process and marks the order urgent.

You can also change whether or not the order was urgent after packing from the Edit screen.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Vincent,

    Would it be possible to have an email notification when an urgent order is made?

    1. Hi, great question, that functionality currently exists and is managed under each customer email notification setting and then assigning that notification to an email address like other notifications, you might find this link helpful.

      Outgoing Notification Emails