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This setup will give the ability to allocate a Transport Consignment to a Delivery Run and have it charged from there to an invoice. By defining the Delivery Run when adding a new consignment, this will then link to those chargeable rates and automatically create the invoice using that charging information.

There are 3 steps to achieving this result, loading a Rate Zone, loading a matching Delivery Run and linking it to the Rate Zone, then in the Customer Charges, putting prices against the Rate Zone. These Rate Zones could be an area or transport run e.g. Melbourne to Sydney, or a customer specific action e.g. McDonalds Melbourne. The naming is simply to match your different pricing areas/types as specified to your customer. As as example you should end up with:

Rate Zone called; Melbourne to Sydney

Delivery Run called; Melbourne to Sydney, linked to Rate Zone above

Customer Charges with a Rate Card using the Rate Zone; Melbourne to Sydney, including Pallet, Carton prices etc.

Rate Zone Setup

Load the Rate Zone using names as mentioned previously - here is more information on how to achieve: Rate Zones

Delivery Run Setup

Load the Delivery Run using the names and link to the Rate Zone: Delivery Runs

Customer Charges Setup

Finally create the Customer Charges for the customer - load a Rate Card item for this Rate Zone (or even group a few together) and put in the variable pricing, such as Pallets/Cartons rates etc. Customer Charges

And you're all done, now simply allocating a consignment to a Delivery Run will ensure this pricing is used on the invoicing.

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