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CartonCloud is a Transport Management System designed for Cross-Dock and Ex-Warehouse Operations. This functionality is currently being extended to cater to other transport workflows, such as line-haul and general freight - progress on this can be seen on our Product Roadmap.

The transport system is capable of handling automated import, automated allocation / routing rules, capturing signatures via mobile app, calculating rates for the work performed and then invoicing the customer.

Table of Contents:

Getting Started


We have several webinars covering the Transport Management System in detail. You can use these webinars to learn how to configure your own account.

All of our webinars are accessible from the Webinar Video Recordings page.

The two which focus on the Transport Management System are Webinar 2.3 - TMS 101 (shown below) and Webinar 2.7 - Transport Charging Details

Pro Tip: Increase playback speed to 1.25x

2.3 - TMS 101

0:00 - Intro
2:30 - Delivery Runs
6:12 - Rate Zone
10:28 - Delivery Zones
14:40 - Delivery Zones Export / Import
17:20 - Consignments
30:06 - Manifests & Cross Dock Workflow
32:43 - Allocating Consignments from Delivery Runs
36:50 - Run Sheets
44:50 - Bulk Allocation
48:36 - Question 1 - Pick orders per Run Sheet
52:50 - Question 2 - How to download the CartonCloud Mobile App

Cross Docking Explained

If you're unfamiliar with what Cross-Docking is, please see the video below.

Individual Topics

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