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Suppliers are like Customers but used for Bills rather than Invoices. Suppliers are typically contractors you have working for you who you pay, or freight companies and Onforwarders you use. 

Table of contents:


Suppliers themselves are neither Drivers nor Carriers, they're simply an intermediate layer which can connect multiple Drivers and/or Carriers to specific Customer Charges.
Suppliers need to be linked to Drivers and/or Carriers, allowing CartonCloud to build bills for Consignment that those Drivers/Carriers have delivered.

The following diagram provides 3 examples of the ways Suppliers can be connected:

Use Cases


  • You have a driver working for you as a contractor who charges the same rates always
  • You have a driver working for you as a contract who charges different rates depending on which customer he is delivering
  • You have multiple drivers working for you but they are part of one subcontracted company, and you pay a single bill for all of their work


  • You pay the Warehouse Provider for storing / pick pack, and they charge you the same rate for all of your clients
  • You pay the Warehouse Provider for storing / pick pack, and they charge you different rates for each of your clients
  • You need to construct individual bills per-customer within a single warehouse.

Video Explainer

Adding a Supplier

  • Go to 'Contacts'
  • 'Suppliers'
  • Add Supplier
  • Enter the Company, Email & Telephone. If your tenancy has multiple warehouse locations you can also select which warehouses are applicable to the new supplier being added. 

  • Once supplier is added go to the edit button 
  • First tab is Basics and from this tab we can link which Supplier Charge (Expense Customer Charge) the supplier is to be linked to. We can also add multiple Customer specific rate cards as per image below.

  • 'Bill' tab is where we can set up the 'Next Bill Date', the repeat cycle, summary and also the 'Accounting Connector' tab.
  • 'Email' tab is for Email & Notification set up.
  • 'Warehouse' tab allows the supplier to specify individual or all warehouses.
  • 'Barcode' tab is an advanced setting
  • Linked To tab is where we link the supplier to either a 'Carrier / Driver / Warehouse. In the example below we have 'Tony's Transport being added as a Carrier.

  • Also note that you can have multiple drivers linked to one supplier. An example would be if Tony's Transport supplies multiple rigid trucks with drivers they can all be linked to one supplier which would supply one weekly / monthly  bill. 

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