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Some organisations choose to provide their Customers with a number of free storage days prior to storage charges applying. This is often when goods are received into a warehouse and potentially will be collected quickly. As an incentive for the customer to arrange a quick collection a few storage free days will be provided, however if the goods are not collected within that period then the customer will be charged storage in the usual manner. This functionality enables the configuration of storage free days against a customer charge. Therefore all customers that belong to that customer charge will be provided those storage free days. 

To work through an example, if a customer has 3 storage free days and the storage week commences on a Sunday, then if ALL the products were received on a Monday and ALL collected by Wednesday then they would not be charged storage, however if the customer only collect some or All on the Thursday, then the customer would be charged for the weeks storage as per normal. A different example would be if the goods were received on a Friday and collected on the following Monday, they would not get charged for the first week as the storage free days carried them over to the next week. 

You can find the setting for Storage Period Free Days on the details tab of a Customer Charge, under the storage heading as below;

To enable Storage period Free days, navigate to customer charges, find the customer charge you want to modify and edit the "Details". 

Under the "warehouse charges" section, scroll to the "Storage" heading and at the bottom of the list you will find the storage period free days. Default is 0 (no storage period free days) and must be a Positive whole number (0, 1,2,3,4,5 etc)

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