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Under certain circumstanced it is possible to have Storage Charges which don't match Stock Movement Reports. This can make it tricky for clients to determine why they have been charged storage for items.

This disconnect is caused by specific customer configuration, and Sale Orders being left in a "Packed" (rather than Dispatched) status.

Packed vs Depleted

The primary reason for this difference in reports, is that internally CartonCloud uses two date fields on Sale Orders to determine:

  1. When a Sale Order was packed, `finish_pack_time`, which is shown on the Stock Movement Report
  2. When a Sale Order was dispatched, `dispatched_datetime`, which is used for calculating the Storage Charges.

There is also an option within the Customer settings as to when Storage Charges should Stop on Stocks. This can be configured as either when Packed or Dispatched.
For more information on this option please see: Customer Settings

In the case where the customer is configured to charge storage until the order is marked Dispatched, Sale Orders which are in Packed status will continue to charge storage, while showing as having been packed in the Stock Movement Report.

This disconnect between the Storage Charges and Stock Movement Report will compound as more orders are left in "Packed" status (and as Sale Orders are left in Packed status for longer periods of time).

In short, to avoid this situation, regularly check that you have not left Sale Orders in "Packed" status for long periods of time.

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