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To move stock from one location to another you need to access the stock in its warehouse location. This can be done through finding the stock records via Purchase Orders, Products or Warehouse Locations. The most direct way is by its current Warehouse Location however the other methods can be useful when you're not sure where it is recorded currently.

Product Update!


You now have the the option to create individual Sales and Purchase orders adjustment records for each stock adjustment made in the current day (previously any adjustments made in the one day would be added into one Sale Order and Purchase Order record).

Check out our video on how this works and where you can find these settings:

Warehouse Location

In Search Anything find Warehouse Locations, then search for the location you want to move the stock from and open that location up. Navigate to the Stock tab to view all the stock that is recorded on that warehouse location, click the stock line to go directly to that stock record (not the blue hyperlinks as they will take you to those other menu links directly).

You will then see this view where you are able to click the Move button to move this stock somewhere else:

Then enter the location you wish to move the stock into and how much quantity you want to move, either the whole amount or a part of it. Then click Move and you have moved that stock to a new location.

There is also another way to move all the current stock on a location if it has multiple stock records or pallets etc. Access this by using the Bulk Move button on the Warehouse Location → Stock tab.

Purchase Order → to move stock

To move stock via this method, you are finding the warehouse location of the stock and following that procedure. However the location of the product record you want to move is found from Purchase Order records. Go to Search Anything → Purchase Orders, then find your Purchase Order record containing the stock you want to move and go to the Products tab of the Purchase Order. Click the link to the stock line by using the View button.

Then you are able to Move stock using the Move button as described previously.

Please note that, even though the system creates an extra record when moving stock from one location to another, the new POP ID created will still be linked to the original one.

Having said that, if you scan the new label it associates with the label from the parent POP.

Products → to move stock

Navigate to Products using Search Anything, then search for the Product that you want to move stock for and enter that Product record. Then go to the stock tab, locate the product you want to move locations and click the product line (not the hyperlinks in blue, just the line).

Then you will find the same screen with the Move option as with the other methods and can move the stock to its new location.