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In CartonCloud there are two ways that you can display delivery address instructions:

  • Customer specific instructions for an address
  • Driver specific instructions for an address

Customer Specific Instructions

These can be known as "Delivery Instructions" from a Sales Order or "Special Instructions" from a Consignment →

Sales Order                                                                                                                                                                         Consignment 


When entering information in these instruction fields, you have the option to save this data, which will store the details against the address.

Details entered at the Sale Order entry are then copied across to the Consignment and will appear in the Consignment Note document under "Special Instructions" ( Document Templates (admin) can be modified easily).

To add/modify or delete these instructions:

Search For Anything and type "Default Instructions"  →

Click on Add Instruction →

You can then enter the details for the Customer / Address and add the required instructions →

Once submitted, your instructions will be saved for that Customer / Address combination →

When you next enter a Sales Order or Consignment for this customer and address, the Delivery Instructions and Special Instructions fields will be automatically populated.

Driver Specific Instructions

These instructions are created within the Addresses & Address Strings in CartonCloud and are available to the Drivers via the mobile app.

There are two ways that you can enter information for drivers: 

  1. Adding "comments" to the address strings in CartonCloud
  2. Adding "comments" to the delivery address in the mobile app

To add a delivery address instruction to an Address using the web app, type "Addresses" in Search For Anything →

Search for the address you want to add a comment to →

Head to the "Comments" tab →

Click on "Add Comment" and type in your information →

You comment has now been saved →

These comments will now be visible to drivers using the mobile app →


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