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In the Sale Order list view, users are able to filter the Sale Orders being displayed by their ship date.

This functionality is currently only available in the CartonCloud iOS app. We are working on making it available for Android as well.

Filter Access

To access the ship date filter, select the filter (funnel) button in the top bar while in the Sale Order list.

Filter Options

Once the ship date filter has been activated, a number of options are available.


This filter will show all Sale Orders with a ship date of up to and including today's date.


This filter will show all Sale Orders with a ship date of tomorrow only.


This filter allows the user to manually select a date range to filter on. Both the selected start and end date are included in the filtered date range.

Applied Filter

Once a ship date filter has been applied, a banner will be displayed at the top of the sale order list, highlighting the ship date filter that has been applied.

The applied filter can be cancelled by either tapping the X button on the banner, or by once again opening the filter view and either adjusting the filter or switching off the ship date filter altogether.

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