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For information on how to connect a bluetooth barcode scanner to your iOS device please check out this article: Connect a Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

To view a Sale Order's list of products simply select the Sale Order from the Sale Order list. You will be automatically redirected to the Pack list of Sale Order Products.

Product Information

The information displayed includes:

  • Packing Progress: The number of packed products and the number of total products to packed are displayed here. Once packing has been completed for a product, a green tick will be displayed.

  • Warehouse Location: Location of the product within the warehouse (if available, "Unallocated" otherwise).
  • Product Name
  • Product Quantity
  • Custom Fields: Based on the tenant settings, plus expiry date for the product. More information on setting up Custom Fields: Enabling Custom Stock Fields (Batch, Serial etc)

Filter Product List

The product list can be filtered by either warehouse location or product barcode. By default, the filter labels on top of the product list will display All Locations and All Products.

To start filtering, either scan a product or location barcode using a bluetooth barcode scanner connected to the iOS device you're running the CartonCloud mobile app on or add a barcode manually, using the manual entry button in the app navigation bar. The app will then automatically search for matching products and warehouse locations and filter the list accordingly.

Manual Barcode Entry

List Filtered By Warehouse Location

If the Sale Order is already In Progress and filters are applied that lead to only one product fitting the filter criteria, you will be automatically redirected to the Pack Confirmation View (see "Pack Products" in Scan Picking Process for more information). And should the case apply that the filters only match one product AND the scanned product label exactly matches the required quantity, the product will be automatically marked as confirmed, without having to proceed to the Pack Confirmation View. (e.g. scanning the barcode for a pallet that contains 800kg of the product and the required quantity is 800kg.)

Show / Hide Completed Products

By default completed products are being displayed in the product list. You may prefer to hide them from the list. To do so, select the show/hide button (circled tick) from the top navigation bar.

Showing Completed ProductsHiding Completed Products

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