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Run Sheets are used to allocate Consignments to Drivers. Consignments can be allocated to drivers through a Run Sheet or straight from Delivery Runs.
Run Sheets provide a lot of functionality such as the ability to easily change days, driver, or reorder jobs within the Run Sheet (which is then shown in-order on the Mobile App 

Table of Contents:

A Run Sheets Consist Of:

ID10201An automatically assigned, incrementing ID for the Run Sheet.
NameEast - AM RunA name given to the run, normally to describe what it is for.
Date2017-02-5The date the run is taking place
Delivery RunEast(optional) - if provided all Consignments allocated to the Run Sheet will have their Delivery Run overwritten with this value. This is very useful when working with Onforwarder Addresses
DriverDouglas AdamsThe name of the driver performing the Run.

(optional), can only be selected if Vehicles are enabled.

ConsignmentsA list of Consignments to be deliveredAll of the Consignments allocate to a Run Sheet.

Creating Run Sheets

There are multiple ways in which Run Sheets can be created, and which method you use will depend on the way in which you allocate consignments within the system.
Bulk Allocation is a popular method of allocation when working with over 100 consignments per day.
Allocating smaller quantities if often easier by working directly from within the Delivery Runs list.

When creating a Run Sheet, CartonCloud provides you with the option to either create a new run sheet, or allocate to an existing Run Sheet.
Changing the date of the run sheet will automatically update the list of available Run Sheets for that day. Naming the Run Sheet, or Switching Drivers will also automatically filter the list of Existing Run Sheets to help you quickly find existing run sheets to allocate Consignments to.

Run sheet Configuration 

Run sheets can be set to order by Consignment or by Address. These settings can be found in Organisational settings under the transport tab.

To utilise the address sort order the Run sheet configuration must be set to Order Run Sheet By Addresses.

Reordering Consignments on a Run Sheet

From within a Run sheet, simply click on the "Map" button to see all Consignments on the Run Sheet.
Consignments on the Run Sheet can then be reordered by simply clicking and dragging them up and down.
The numbers on the Map Markers show the order in which the Consignments appear on the list. 

Select Multiple Jobs at Once
If you need to change multiple jobs at the same time, hold Ctrl while you click on the Consignments to select multiple, then drag them wherever you want.
If you want to select a range of jobs, hold Shift.

When you're done, don't forget to press 'Save Consignment Order'.

Time Saving Tip

If you preorder your drivers runs, or preload their trucks, you'll need fine-grain control over the order of their consignments.
CartonCloud is designed with automation as a first priority, so if you have not done so already, checkout out guide on Bulk Importing Addresses Run-Ordering

Printing an Address 'Sort Order' XLS Run Sheet

As per the Bulk Importing Addresses Run-Ordering document page, run sheets can be sorted by address.

Once the addresses have a sort order allocated either manually or via the Optimise address sorting order which can be found under sorting configuration within features & Options in the Organisational settings 

Within the run sheet select the Export Run Sheet drop down arrow & Select Export Format.

Select the Group By Store Template & an XLS Delivery_List will download.

The Run Sheet will be sorted via the address sort order and will show the Run Sequence as per image.

Charging a Run Sheet

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