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There are two ways for users to reset their passwords, however they depend on what they are accessing.

  1. Manually Create - For Drivers, Packers or users without an email address who have forgotten their CartonCloud password
  2. User Request - For Admin Users, Data Entry, Customers and Onforwarders who have forgotten their passwords (users must have a valid email address)

Manually Create

User With Access To One Organisation

To create a new password enter the 'users' page of CartonCloud.

Locate the relevant user and select.

Select Edit.

Tick 'Change Password' and enter the new password (and again in Password Confirm).

Save the page and advise the user of the updated password.

User With Access To More Than One Organisation

If you have access to more than one organisation your password is only able to be changed via your personal dashboard - as its able to be accessed via users from more than one place.

To change the password navigate to your personal dashboard found via the dropdown next to the Organisation name top left

Now scroll to the bottom where you will find the option called My Settings -> use the Change My Settings button to adjust the password

Selecting the Change Password will show 2 new lines to enter the same new password into each line, then use the Save button to update and save the new password.

User Request

For users of the CartonCloud WebApp, they can request to reset their password. This can be done by navigating to the cartoncloud login page and clicking the link "I forgot my password" (as below)

Then enter your email address, and click "Submit" (as below)

You will see this confirmation that you have been sent an email with further instructions (as below)

Click the link in the email (as below)

Enter your new password twice and then click Submit.  This is a minimum of any 8 characters.

Now enter your email address and new password and you will be able to login to CartonCloud again.

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