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Release 109
  • Administration users can now identify how a purchase order has been created in the system either via manual entry, parser or API
  • Changes to ad hoc charges including adding new charges will now appear to Administrator users in the history tabs of Consignments, Purchase Orders and Sale Orders
  • Performance improvements and other minor bug fixes.

4.5.16 (Mobile - Android)
  • Bug fixes and Improvements.
4.5.15 (Mobile - Android)

Bug fixes & Improvements

Release 108
  • We have added the ability to bulk export/import customers' Transport Management Settings. This can be achieved by following the same process as we currently do when exporting/importing customers' WMS settings and will allow you to more quickly update a particular setting across all your TMS customers in one go, saving you time.
  • An extra setting is now available on an organisation & customer level which will allow users to have any invoice document uploaded to a Sales Order automatically transferred to its corresponding consignment. This will save your team having to upload it manually against a consignment that was generated from a Sales Order. 
  • The container and shipments features have been removed from the main menu under 'Warehouse'. They are still available through the 'Search for anything' bar or via the site map under 'More'. 
  • Performance improvements and other minor bug fixes.

1.8.0 (Mobile - iOS)

Consignment custom fields are now available throughout the app!

  • See address custom fields in the consignment list, check out item custom fields and browse through the list of consignment data custom fields on the details view.
  • Trackables: When completing a sale order pack you're now also able to edit the custom fields on the automatically generated consignment's items.

Also: Bug fixes & improvements

4.5.14 (Mobile - Android)

Bug fixes & improvement

4.5.13 (Mobile - Android)

Bug fixes & improvements.

1.7.15 (Mobile App - iOS)

New feature:

  • Combined Wave Pick is now available in the CartonCloud iOS App, in addition to the existing "Split" and "Bulk Pick" Wave Pick types.
    In a Combined Wave Pick, warehouse packers can skip the picking step and go straight to packing a Sale Order.

Also in this release:

  • Various bug fixes and general improvements.
Release 107
  • A new customer setting is now available where users can choose to skip consignments with references that already exist. Prior to this feature, when parsing a file that contained duplicate consignment references, the import would fail and it would require the user to manually remove all existing references. With this new setting, the user has the ability to skip over those consignments & only create consignment for the new references.
  • Performance improvements and other minor bug fixes.
Release 106
  • Some products received into a warehouse do not contain any barcodes that relate to the product. This means that when a picker is picking a product, they have no barcode to scan to confirm they are picking the correct product, they are reliant on visually making sure they have the correct one. We are therefore adding the product's base unit of measure barcode to the POP label. To ensure that every product has a base unit of measure barcode when adding a product if a base unit of measure barcode is not specified, the product code will now be used as the base unit of measure barcode.
  • Performance improvements and other minor bug fixes.
4.5.12 (Mobile - Android)
  • General bug fixes and improvements.
4.5.11 (Mobile - Android)

Consignment data, item & address custom fields are now available!

  • The custom fields will be shown in various views, including the consignment list, consignment detail screen and the consignment items add/edit view after finishing packing a sale order.
  • Warehouse packers can now add/edit consignment item custom fields after packing sale orders.


  • A warning is now displayed when drivers are trying to submit adhoc charges for grouped consignments.
  • General bug fixes and improvements
Release 105

Exclusive for clients using the system with Consignment Items:
  • Sliding Scale Enhancement: Administrators now have the ability to control the initial starting value for the ranges in a Sliding Scale calculator for charges that are set to allow a zero charge. This is very helpful for when you want to add overweight charges on items as an extra charge to the standard delivery charge. 
4.5.10 (Mobile -Android)

Various bug fixes and improvements.

1.7.14 (Mobile - iOS)

Various bug fixes and improvements.

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