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  • Bolts now have a configurable option for how to deal with failures to improve stability when running unreliable Bolts like web-hooks to third party services that may not always be available.
  • Accounting Connectors can now be removed more expediently.
  • Document Template Placeholders now has support for Purchase Order Product Label PDF creation with placeholders
  • Bug fixes and improvements to system stability and operations

Bug fixes and improvements to app stability. 

  • Bug fixes and improvements to system data logging, automated system testing and system stability
  • New - extended decimal places for handling charges. In this release you can now specify up to 6 decimal places for your handling rates rather than the previous 2 decimal places. This will benefit organisations who move high volume individual picks with low values per item pick, such as $0.0125 per item/carton. For more details on this new functionality click here
1.5.9 (Mobile Apps - iOS)

Bug fixes and improvements:

• Improved messaging
• Fixed issues around filtering lists from a barcode scan
• Fixed incorrect view offsets on older iOS versions

1.5.8 (Mobile Apps - iOS)

Bug fixes:

• Crash when processing very large Sale Orders
• Issue with confirming a location pick on Wave Picks
• Incorrect display of Sale or Purchase Order list after entering a search term
• Discard/Move not working correctly on exiting Scan Move view

  • Bill of Materials now allows combining of existing Sale Orders to reduce redundant Sale Orders. 
  • Customer WMS Settings can now be bulk exported and imported to streamline the process of bulk changes of settings across a lot of Customers.
    • Documentation on Customer WMS export/import and what the different fields do to the system can be found here
  • Ability to choose which SSCC labels are to be printed when picking for a Sale Order has been added
  • + Many minor improvements and fixes
1.5.7 (Mobile Apps - iOS)

  • Added native support for the Honeywell Captuvo Sled hardware devices by implementing the barcode scanning functionality using the Captuvo SDK. This should resolve any issues users may have experienced with some iOS devices when using Captuvo sleds.

    For more information on how to set up Honewell Captuvo Sleds with the CartonCloud iOS app, check out this article:
    Honeywell Captuvo SL42 - iPhone 6/s Sled for Barcode Scanning

  • The Locate list in the Purchase Order view can now be adapted to only show verified items. Simply select the filter button in the top menu bar while in the Locate list.

  • Customer Charges are now capable of being linked to Trackables Rate Cards
  • Updated the available fields for Run Sheet Template placeholders
  • A new execution log is available to view when Bolts were triggered
  • Bug fixes and improvements
  • Bug fixes & improvements
  • Serial Number Scanning: Set picked_qty/packed_qty on scan if option selected
  • Placeholder Update - Sales Order Delivery Document Template
  • When creating Bill of Materials SO/PO, ability to control whether it's an adjustment or not.
  • Sale Order Summary Report Error fixed
  • Reload Bolt editor without reloading page
  • Placeholder Update - Consignment Note Document Template
  • Workwave Integration - Add Pull Date option
  • + Bug fixes and improvements
  • Pack List document templates

  • Now logging cron job errors to Rollbar

  • Added validation to add/edit Repeating Consignments

  • Warehouse Stock Report now using messaging queues for better support of large exports

  • + Bug fixes and improvements

1.5.6 (Mobile Apps - iOS)
  • Fixed issue with opening a Sale Order without any products when the "Show Completed" filter is activated.
4.2.7 (Mobile App - Android)

  • Bug fixes & improvements

1.5.5 (Mobile App - iOS)

  • Fixed issue with incorrect saving of large adhoc charge timer values

4.2.6 (Mobile App - Android)
  • Bug fix

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