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1.7.10 (Mobile Apps - iOS)
  • General improvements & Bug fixes
4.4.12 (Mobile Apps - Android)

We’ve added a new filter option for sale orders. You can now view sale orders by associated run sheets.

Also in this update:

  • General improvements & Bug fixes
Release 94
  • Consignment Note Document Template: Users can now aggregate/group their Sales Order Products by Product Name, Product Description, Quantity & Product Measure. For further details, click here.
  • Performance improvements and other minor bug fixes.

Release 95
  • Performance improvements and other minor bug fixes.
  • Bug fixes and improvements
4.4.10 (Mobile Apps - Android)
  • Bug fixes and improvements
Release 93
  • We've added two extra options to the Customer Stock Report: You can now see the product Volume & Weight.
  • Consignment Report has now three extra columns available: Required Delivery Date, From Zone & To Zone.
  • Users are now able to customise their own SSCC ZPL labels. For further details, click here. Note that SSCC is an add-on feature, please contact support for more details.  
  • Performance improvements and other minor bug fixes.

  • Bug Fixes
Release 92
  • Bulk Allocation Screen: Users can now sort their consignments based on time (Consignment Data Custom Field) in order to optimize the allocation process.
  • You can now link Consignment Custom Fields with Sales Order Custom Fields so that you can determine consignment values on the sales order and have it automatically transfer through to the consignment. For example, if you created a Transport Service Type on your sales order as a custom field, then linked a consignment custom field called Service type, your customers or staff could select the transport service level when entering the sales order. 
  • Performance improvements and other minor bug fixes.
1.7.9 (Mobile Apps - iOS)
  • Bug fixes and improvements
Release 91

Custom Fields Linked to Addresses

  • New design and extra features for some of our custom fields: We have implemented a new design for our Address & Consignment Data Custom fields. With a new design comes a brand new feature! You are now able to link those two fields and allow data transfer between them.
  • Performance improvements and other minor bug fixes.

ZPL Labels

  • You can now customhouse your own Consignment & Sale Order ZPL. To do that, go to your Document Templates page and download the default sample ZPL file. Once the ZPL template is downloaded, you can use a text editor to view the ZPL and use the Labelary Online ZPL Viewer to re-design. You can access all placeholders available by clicking here. For any assistance with this, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team, they can assist or make your label changes for you if you are not familiar with ZPL.
  • Performance improvements and other minor bug fixes.

1.7.8 (Mobile Apps - iOS)
  • Bug Fixes and improvements

On the Friday 1/11/2019 release we introduced a change to the default value of the "Delivery Run Override Consignments Delivery Run Checkbox" as shown below in the Move Consignments screen.

We made this change to make the behaviour uniform across both the Move Consignments page and also the Bulk Allocation screen.

To allow you to move a consignment to a new selected delivery run this checkbox must be enabled.

To have this setting enabled by default (as it was before the Friday release) go to → Organisation Settings → Features and Options → Bulk Allocations Configuration.

  • Bug Fixes and improvements.
Release 90

Custom Fields - Run-sheet Templates

  • We've added the ability to add Consignment Data Custom Fields into your Run Sheet Template.
  • Performance improvements and other minor bug fixes.

End User Ability to Export Consignment Data

  • Customers can now select consignments from the Consignment List View and export them to an excel spreadsheet.
  • A new filter called "Unallocated To Driver" has been implemented to the Consignment List View screen. You can find it by clicking the "More" option in the consignment list. When selecting this filter, you'll be displayed with all consignments that have not been assigned to a driver so you can easily identify the jobs that need to be actioned.
  • Performance improvements and other minor bug fixes.

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