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Release 71
  • Sort Filters on the Consignments list view.
  • Added total consignment income column to the outgoing consignment report.
  • Changes to how the Unit of Measure Quantity is displayed.
  • Bugs and other minor fixes.
  • Bug fixes

• Added enforce strict mode for sale order packing. More info: Strict Mode
• Various bug fixes and improvements

Release 60
  • Storage Period Free Days are now available for configuration. See article → Storage Period Free Days
  • Having Different Adhoc Charges will redirect the user back to the tab they were previously on rather than defaulting to the first tab.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

• Added ship date filter to sale order list. More info: Ship Date Filter
• Various bug fixes and improvements

Release 46
  • Various Bug fixes and Improvements.
1.5.18 (Mobile Apps - iOS)

We've added bulk allocation to the putaway process in the CartonCloud app!

Product Bulk Allocation within a purchase order allows users to quickly locate multiple (or all) products into a single warehouse location.

Also: Bug fixes & improvements

  • Added server-side search in the sale order list (More information: iOS vs Android Warehousing Functionality)
  • Added option to add invoice photo to all consignments in a group POD
  • UI and validation improvements
  • Various bug fixes
Release 37
  • Purchase Order's Product tab is now paginated.
  • Various Bug fixes and Improvements.

Variable weights can now be captured as part of a product pack! Just ensure that the product's random weight field has been enabled in the CartonCloud web app.

For more information watch the video below or check out: Variable Weight Packing

- Various UI improvements and bug fixes

1.5.15 (Mobile Apps - iOS)

Hello, Rapid Sale Order Packing!

High speed packing is now available in the CartonCloud app - removing the wait time between product confirmations. So just confirm one product line and then immediately move on to the next one.

Note: Rapid Packing is enabled automatically and can be disabled in the app's Settings view.

Release 28
  • When adding products to a Sale Order, stock which is not "OK" will no longer be automatically selected (although it can be manually selected if required).
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.
  • Added ability to see Parsing Logs from files processed via FTP.
  • Sale Order Notification emails only display Adhoc Charges which are set on the Sale Order.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.
  • Various bug fixes & improvements
Release 20
  • Updated Purchase Order Parsing Logs to include references
  • Various Bug fixes and improvements.

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