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This article will guide you through the process of receiving goods into your warehouse using Purchase Order.

This article assumes the Purchase Order for the goods has already been created and is in the status of Not Yet Received.

Begin by navigating to the Purchase Order you are receiving. To do this either type its reference number into the Search for anything box or navigate to Purchase Orders by selecting Warehouse in the main menu, followed by Purchase Orders in the drop-down. Once there, use the Filters tab to find the Purchase Order you are searching for.

Once you have located the Purchase Order you are receiving, select it to enter the View Purchase Order page.

 The next steps can optionally be completed by warehouse floor staff on a tablet by logging into the CartonCloud Web App using Google Chrome on the tablet.

First Steps when Receiving

When stock physically arrives at the Warehouse confirms its arrival by updating the status of the Purchase Order to Received.

To do so, click Update status to Received.

If your CartonCloud settings require you to record additional information at the time of receipt the system will prompt you to enter this now. For example, current product temperature.

The Purchase Order's status will now be updated to Received.

When you are ready to verify the products you have received into the warehouse select Verify Purchase Order Products.

Splitting & Bulk Splitting

Now in the Verify & Allocate page if you have received an undercharging storage warning then you will need to consider if fixing it. 

This warning displays when you are attempting to bring in more than 1 pallet per Purchase Order Product Line. Since each Purchase Order Product line can only be allocated to a single Warehouse Location it is possible to allocate multiple pallets to a single pallet space in the warehouse if you do not amend the error.

The best practice is to always perform a bulk split to split the products into one Purchase Order Product line per pallet. However, in certain cases if your charge method is not reliant on per pallet storage charges then it is possible to move on without splitting.

To perform a bulk split follow the steps of the animation below. 

Select More on the product displaying the warning, then select Bulk Split.

Confirm how many units or cartons are on a pallet in the Qty/ Pallet field then click Bulk Split.

In the animation, you can see that a single Purchase Order Product line contained 8 units of steel toolboxes. When Bulk splitting the toolboxes we confirm that only 4 fit onto a pallet, meaning two pallets are arriving. Once the bulk split is performed the product is split from one to two purchase order Product lines (the same number as the number of pallets), this now allows us to allocate them to separate Warehouse Locations.

The same process can be followed to Split products that may need to be separated due to their Status. For example, if 3 cartons at the top of the pallet are damaged you can perform a split, then allocate them to a different part of the warehouse.

After all necessary splits have been performed and while still on the Verify & Allocate Purchase Order page you will need to confirm details of the stock such as Expiry Dates (if applicable), Onhand quantities and the Product's status (e.g. Damaged).

Optionally you can now assign the product to Warehouse Locations, however, this can also be done using Scan Move. See the Scan Move Process article if you wish to use this method.

After completing the previous steps you are ready to confirm each Purchase Order product line. Once you have ticked confirm you will notice the line will change to green to further indicate the action.

Complete the Verification Process

Once all lines have been confirmed you can complete the verification process by selecting Complete Verification at the bottom of the page.

A popup with further fields to be completed will appear. If applicable enter the values for these fields then select Finish!

Printing Labels

You will now arrive back on the View Purchase Order page.

To print labels for the stock before putting it away, navigate to the Products tab, then tick the select box for all lines you wish to print labels for (to select all, click the top lines select box, then while holding the Shift key click the bottom lines). Depending on your setup either,

  • Select 'Print now' (Remote Printing Enabled) or
  • Select Print Label and a PDF document containing all your labels will be downloaded. Once the download has completed, open the PDF document and select Print

Attach these labels to the received stock.

Final Step - Put-Away / Allocation to Warehouse Locations

If all stock on the Purchase Order is not yet put-away (allocated to Warehouse Locations) the Order will still be in a status of Verified.

Select Allocate Purchase Order Products to allocate the stock to Warehouse Locations.

On the new page, allocate each line to a Warehouse Location. Then once Completed, select Complete Allocation.

Provided you have followed all the steps provided in this article your Purchase Order is now received into the Warehouse with the stock labelled and put away. The Purchase Order will be in it's the final status of Allocated and associated storage charges will begin to accrue.