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Rate zones are chargeable areas within CartonCloud

Go to Search Anything → Rate Zones to access. Rate Zones are essentially a name that links Consignments to Invoicing. How they are assigned to a consignment is generally automatic, using the options shown below.

Example of two rate zones within Sydney, SYD-METRO and SYD-OUTER

Rate Zones Hierarchy

Rate Zones should be as complex as your most complex customer - then they can be grouped back together for less complex customers. Or they can be customer specific instead by naming them for customers as an example.

Once loaded - you will see they become options to be selected on Customer Charges

Export / Import Rate Zones

You can Export in bulk and Import these Zones back in using the More → Export/Import features to load lots of the Rate Zones.

Bulk Merging Rate Zones

Rate Zones can be merged in bulk by Exporting and Importing. In the same way as Merging Addresses in Bulk

Links to further detailed reading

Please click on the links below for further information relating to this or follow the links via the menu on the left.

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