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The CartonCloud mobile app allows the user to enable (or disable) Rapid Sale Order Packing to adapt the speed of confirming products while packing products.

What is Rapid Packing?

With Rapid Sale Order Packing enabled, on confirming a product line the changes are not immediately submitted to server but initially stored locally. Consequently, the Sale Order is not being reloaded every time a product line is being confirmed, reducing the wait time between confirmations.

This allows packers to dramatically increase the speed of packing.

Comparison between regular Sale Order Packing and Rapid Sale Order Packing:

Instead of saving the Sale Order progress every time a product line is confirmed, the Sale Order progress only gets submitted to the server when either selecting Finish Packing or exiting the Sale Order through the back button and selecting Save Packing Progress. See A Word Of Warning below for potential consequences of this behaviour.

Finish Packing

Save Packing Progress

How To Enable/Disable

Rapid Packing is enabled by default but can easily disabled in the Settings view of the CartonCloud mobile app.

Simply navigate to the Settings View and switch the Enable Rapid Sale Order Packing setting (under User Settings) to either on or off. On exiting the Settings View this change will be automatically applied.

A Word Of Warning

Because the packing progress is only submitted to the server when Finishing Packing (or Saving Packing Progress on exiting the Sale Order view) when Rapid Packing is enabled, issues may arise when multiple packers are working on the same order simultaneously. In this circumstance, to avoid double-picking and synchronisation issues, we recommend disabling Rapid Packing.

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