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A product is an item which can be stored within a Warehouse. A Product is not a stock record, simply a description of an item, this is commonly referred to a as Product Master or SKU. Products are Customer specific, before you add any products for a new Customer, make sure you have created the Customer first. 

Once products have been added, Purchase Orders are used to add stocks of products (called Purchase Order Products), and Sale Orders are used to remove stocks.

The following Webinar covers many sections of Products. See Other Webinars

WMS 101

General Warehouse Management Concepts Overview. Adding Products, Warehouse Locations, Importing Initial Stocks, Purchase Orders + Sale Orders.

0:00 - General Warehouse Concepts Overview.
1:43 - Adding Products 
19:57 - Importing Products in bulk 
22:18 - Adding Warehouse Locations 
31:20 - Purchase Orders 
42:40 - Sale Orders 
55:20 - Importing Initial Stocks