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Product Statuses are used to label stock as Damaged, Missing, Lost, Quarantine etc. You can also configure Stock with a particular Product Status to count toward Storage Charges or not. For example, stock with a Missing Status probably shouldn't be charged storage (you don't have it after all!)

Modifying Product Statuses

You can access the Product Statuses Page either by typing "Product Statuses" into the search box up the top, from the "Site Map" (look for Product Statuses),  or by clicking the link from the Products Page:

Once there, you'll see that some Product Statuses have a locked icon, these are used internally by CartonCloud and cannot be modified or deleted. 

For all the others, however, you can edit them, and you can delete them if they're not in use by any Purchase Order Products.

Charge Storage

Charge storage is an option you can control on Product Statuses. If you set this to Yes (default), then stock that has that status will be charged storage.
If you set it to No, then stock with that status will not be charged storage. 

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