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The following document outlines our Product Roadmap and estimated completion times for various major features.

This Product Roadmap is subject to, (and will) change

We are constantly reviewing what new features will provide the greatest benefit to the largest number of customers and will be adjusting the road map accordingly.

On occasion it maybe possible for customers to sponsor features for a more expedited delivery, if this is of interest please contact us on:

To access a list of new features released please visit our releases page


API & Integration EnhancementsOngoingWe are constantly adding additional functionality and capability to our integration framework to support greater levels of automation between your customers and CartonCloud
Label DesignerNear TermThe ability to modify label templates through a user interface, on-going, available templates can be found in our document templates 

Android Put-away

Near TermCatching up with scan put away features available in iOS on Android. This platform offers many more mobile scanning solutions, some better suited for refrigerated warehouse environments.
To/From rate zone charge calculationsNear TermThis will provide functionality to enable consignment charges to be determined based on the origin and destination, and will provide greater flexibility in automatically creating charges. This will also include the option to add a Service Type (Express, Standard) to a consignment, to provide even greater flexibility in determining appropriate charges. 
Select Suburbs to create ZonesNear TermAble to draw Delivery Runs / Rate Zones on a map rather than filling out a spreadsheet of suburbs / postcodes to be used for automatic allocation and rate calculation
Stock MoveMediumEnhanced functionality to the current Stock Move capabilities to support scanning SSCC labels, moving product on mixed pallets and moving specific quantities of a product on a pallet. 
Warehouse ReplenishmentMediumThe ability to generate stock moves from bulk to pick face locations to replenish the available stock in the pick face. 
Directed Put Away


The ability to direct stock to specific locations based on configurable rules via the mobile app. 
StocktakingMediumAbility to record and manage stock 
Document Template DesignerMediumThe ability to create and edit document templates through a user interface with greater flexibility and functionality
Multileg ConsignmentsFutureThis functionality will enable routes to be determined by the consignment details and create each of the operational activities associated with that route, e.g. pickup - line haul - Delivery. 
Report WriterFutureA reporting user interface to create and edit reports out of CartonCloud
Dynamic Dashboard WizardFutureCreate and add new widgets to the dashboard to help you keep track of your performance and important information.
Delivery EstimatesFutureCombined with our Machine Learning development, this functionality would intelligently determine delivery estimates for consignments
Integration WizardFutureA User Interface that enables you to create new integrations with CartonCloud
Live tracking of deliveriesFutureThis functionality will generate a live link for your customers to be able to track their consignment on the final mile. 
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