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Bulk allocation of products within a Purchase Order allows users to quickly locate multiple (or all) products into a single warehouse location.

Accessing Bulk Allocation Functionality

To access the Bulk Allocation functionality, simply enter a Purchase Order, navigate to the Locate tab and select the grouping button in the top bar.

Once the grouping mode has been activated, product lines can either be manually selected one by one or all at once by using the Select All button at the bottom of the screen. In the active grouping mode the grouping button will be shown in red, and there will be an additional bar displaying a Locate button at the bottom of the screen.

Manual Selection

Once the grouping mode is activated, products can be added to the selection by simple tapping them. They will then be highlighted in blue and showing an orange tick box to indicate that they are part of the selection.

Select All

The round button at the bottom of the screen (part of the Locate bar), represents the Select All functionality.

On selecting this button one of three scenarios takes place:

Button was already selected

If the button was already selected (shown by being a full orange circle rather than just a circle outline): All selected products will be unselected and the button again shown as unselected (outline only).

No products with location

If none of the products in the list have a location yet (i.e. all of them are Awaiting Location): All products will be selected.

Some products with location

If some of the products in the list already have a location: An alert will be displayed checking whether or not to include those products that already have a location in the product selection.

On selecting Include, all products will be selected.

On selecting Do Not Include, only products without a location will be selected.


Once the product selection represents the item that you want to locate into the same location, select Locate at the bottom of the screen and follow the instructions to choose a location by either manually searching or scanning a warehouse location barcode.

The products will then be updated server-side to show their new location.

Bulk Allocation in Strict Mode

Bulk Allocation is not available if strict processes for putaway have been enabled.

For more information on strict processes check out this article: Enforce Strict Processes For Packing And Putaway

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