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Parsers allow CartonCloud to import data in your existing formats (a format your application can already export). This is similar to the way EDI works.

Parsers save you from having to adjust your existing software to export into a format CartonCloud handles, as we can just add a Parser to handle what you provide. (see our Services Pricing page for costs of Parsers).

For information regarding non-parser Integrations we suggest reading our guide: Integration with other Software

Parsers Overview

The word "Parser" is a fancy name for a piece of software which simply knows how to take data in a given format, and read it so it can be loaded into the system.
For example, when Parsers are created for Excel files, we're simply telling CartonCloud which column is which, so the import will be completed successfully.

In this particular case a Parser would be created telling the system that the column labelled:
customer_reference maps to the customer_reference field within the Sale Order
postcode should be added to the Addresses Postcode
qty is the quantity of the product that we need, etc.

Once this Parser is added, we can reliably import files in the given format every time, completely automating the process of data entry.

Parsers can be setup for virtually any type of file: csv, xls, txt, xml and many others. We do not support parsing PDF documents however, as the structure of the content is often unreliable and difficult to read.

Parser Setup (full webinar)

This video runs through the full process of explaining parsers, configuring them within the system, and showing the process of importing via email.

For more webinars, see Webinar Video Recordings

00:00 - Overview and Background
02:00 - What is a Parser
02:30 - Existing Parsers / Parser Examples
03:20 - XLS Sale Order Template
05:02 - CSV Sale Order Template + Explainer
09:40 - Connecting Parsers to Customers
12:50 - Importing a file using Parser + Upload Results
15:50 - Connecting Customers Email Address
20:00 - Example Notification Emails
22:00 - Email Organisation Settings / Receiving a copy of all incoming emails.
24:00 - Configuring parser to work via email
29:20 - Email Parsing Log pt.1
31:16 - Notification Settings
33:22 - Email Parsing Log pt.2

Parsing via Email

One of the most common uses of Parsers is automatically importing data from email attachments.

This allows clients to email files directly into CartonCloud, have them read, and then the jobs (Sale Orders, Consignments, Purchase Orders and more) created automatically.

To learn how to setup this connection between email addresses and parsers, see our guide: Configuring Parsers for Customers

Additional Resources

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