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These settings allow the Administrator of the Organisation to change settings related to Invoice aspect of the application. To access Invoice settings:

1) Go to Organisation Settings

2) Click on Invoice tab to see its settings

Available settings are as follows:

Setting Name
Default Value
Account Connectors

Connect to Accounting application for handling Invoices. Refere to Accounting Connectors for more details

Not connected
Invoice Reply Email ContentEmail content for the email to be sent customer once the Invoice is generated. A few place holders are provided under the Available Fields heading. These place holders are replaced with actual data before the email is sent to the customer
Default Next Invoice DateDefault date to generate next invoiceTodays date
Repeat Every

Interval in which Invoices are generated. The input box takes the number for the interval while the drop down defines what interval would be. Following are the interval options:

1) day(s)
2) week(s)
3) month(s)

1 week(s)
Default Storage DaysThis should always be set to "1" at the Organisational Level. This enables the system to generate Storage Periods on a daily basis if required by the customer. The customer Storage Periods are set in the Customer Charges Fields & Descriptions1
Default First day of weekDefine which day of the week is considered as the first day of the week. This helps the system to determine the starting of repeating interval in order to generate Invoices.Sunday
Due DaysOnce invoice is pushed to accounting application from CartonCloud, these are the number of days the in which customer have to pay the Invoice before over-due charges are applied.7
Use CartonCloud's Invoice Number as MYOB's Invoice Number i.e. CC-{CartonCloud invoice number}Specific to MYOB. Uses CartonClouds Invoice number as MYOB's Invoice number.unchecked
Default Invoice Reference

Default text to reference Invoices in accounting applications. Following fields are set for the accounting applications by this option:

  1. For Xero"Reference" field is set,
  2. For MYOB invoices "JournalMemo" field is set.

Text in '{ }' are tags, that are replaced to actual value when pushing Invoice to Accounting Application. For example for Invoice with id 1234, the field "W.E. {invoice_id}" is replaced with "W.E. 1234"

W.E {week_end_date}{invoice_id}

Default Invoice Reference

Product Update!

Easily add your company logo to the invoice summary that you send to your customers. Watch out product update video to see how: