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If you deal with Onforwarders, then you'll understand the confusion that can arise related to addresses.

Consignments are typically manifested to the final delivery address, so you need to remember that the freight is actually to be delivered to an onforwarder. When you deal with a large number of onforwarders, or high volumes of freight, this can become extremely difficult to manage as the addresses listed are not really the addresses where you'll be delivering.

In CartonCloud, you can make dealing with Onforwarders easier (and even automated) through the use of Onforwarder Addresses.

Onforwarder Addresses are used as an intermediate address, between the Pickup Address (or your Warehouse Address), and the Final Delivery Address.

Onforwarder Webinar

Enabling Onforwarder Addresses

Using Onforwarder addresses makes it much clearer as to what is going on with the freight, as the Onforwarder addresses will show in Consignment Lists, Allocation Screens, and also on the maps.

Enabling Onforwarder Addresses:

By default, Onforwarder Addresses are Disabled.

Click into More -> Site Map -> Organisation Settings and check the check-box named Onforwarder Address Display Enabled.
Then press Save

With Onfrowarder Addresses enabled, you'll be able to see the Onforwarder Address section when you add or edit consignment, the Onforwarder address field on adding new consignment page is hidden under Advanced Options, scroll down to the bottom and click the arrow to expand it.

Where Onforwarder Addresses are Displayed:

If a consignment has a onforwarder address set, then that address will show up on index page instead of the pick-up / delivery address

Also all the consignments will show up on the map with onforwarder address including the web interface and mobile app

The only exception to this is consignment bulk allocation which gives you a control to show pick-up / delivery address even there is an onforwarder address associated

How Allocations are Affected:

When a consignment is created with an onforwarder address, the system will use onforwarder address instead of  pick-up / delivery address to allocate the delivery run. For a complete guide on all the differences checkout: How Delivery Runs are Determined

The onforwader addresses can be automated (e.g. If a customer emails a manifest to the system, the onforwader address can be automatically loaded against the correct consignments), you can find out more about how to set it up Address to Delivery Run Mapping

Use Cases and How-To's:

For specific use cases with examples of exactly how to configure CartonCloud to match what you require, please checkout Onforwarder Use Cases