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This provides examples of the various notification emails that CartonCloud can send.

You will find this list of Notification options by going to:

Contacts → Customers → Search for your Customer → Edit → Email tab → Notifications

Sale Orders

Sale Order - Confirming order accepted

Sale Order - Order accepted, with Warnings

Sale Order - Order Rejected

Sale Order - Order Packed

(includes xls + pdf pack slip)

Purchase Orders

Purchase Order - Confirming Order Accepted

Purchase Order Received

Purchase Order Verified

Note:  if the quantity verified is different from the original purchase order quantity, the Purchase Order Verified email will include a table showing quantity differences.


Proof of Delivery / Collection emails are sent whenever a Consignment is marked as "Delivered" or "Collected". 
If you're sending via an Onforwarder, and waiting for the POD to come back from the Onforwarder before emailing the client, we suggest marking the Consignment as "With On Forwarder".
For more information about Onforwarder workflows, please see: Onforwarder Use Cases

Delivery Notification

Collection Notification

Stock Notifications

Stock Warning Threshold Notification

Low Stock Threshold Notification


Invoice Notification

(note, this may also contain a PDF from any of our available Accounting Connectors)

Product import Notification

Product import Notification

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