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Over or under supply of a Sale Order confirmed by picker or customer?

You can now modify the product quantities after the order is confirmed dispatched allowing you to avoid the complexity and lost-time of creating additional Sale- and Purchase Orders to correct Stock On Hand.     

Firstly, locate the Sale Order that needs to be corrected.

From the Products tab of the Sale Order - select 'Edit'

You can now increment and / or decrement the Product quantities allocated to the order.

Impact on Stock On Hand

Incremented quantities will deplete the associated Stock Location.

Decremented quantities will return Stock to the associated Location.

Finalising Changes

Save your changes.

Check the total quantities are correct on the warning prompt and select 'Continue' to finalise. Job Done.


Reviewing Changes to Dispatched Orders

Quantity changes made to dispatched orders are clearly visible in the Products tab of the Sales Order.

Selecting the 'View' option on the right hand section of the Sale Order line will allow you to view the history of changes made.

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